Why sleeping can be difficult if you are highly sensitive (tips for a good night’s sleep)

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Many highly sensitive people do not sleep well. Sometimes you sleep very lightly because your feelers are also off at night and you pick up all kinds of things. And sometimes you wake up during the night and it takes a very long time to fall back to sleep. In this article you can read tips for a good night’s sleep if you are highly sensitive.

Why can sleeping be difficult if you are an HSP?

As an HSP you are extra sensitive to impressions and you receive much more information from your environment throughout the day and you process everything at a more intense level. You are also much more aware of your thoughts and feelings and you experience them more strongly than someone who is not highly sensitive.

And if this continues throughout the day, without you recharging yourself, you become overstimulated. You simply receive much more than you can process. The effect of this is that you experience restlessness in your body, but also in your thoughts and feelings. This can be a reason that it is difficult for you to fall asleep, but also that you wake up during the night.

Dreams and nightmares when you are highly sensitive

You can also start dreaming at night, because you process all kinds of things from the day in your sleep. Or you are unconsciously very busy on a spiritual level. Do you suffer from dreams and nightmares? Then read the article I wrote earlier for Inspiring Life.  This is about the different types of dreams and nightmares and how you can wake up rested.

5 tips to use your sensitivity to sleep well

You can also use your high sensitivity to sleep well. Because of your high sensitivity, you react more strongly to stimuli, which we often see as a disadvantage. Your perception is greater and so your natural and spiritual support can help you sleep soundly and wake up rested. I would like to share 5 tips with you:

Short Meditation Exercises

1. Meditation

Meditating helps you to relax and process all the impressions of the day. You put yourself on a break so that you regain consciousness. If you are highly sensitive it is so important to meditate a lot. It prevents you from being overstimulated and it strengthens and protects you. Meditation lowers your stress hormones and increases your happiness hormones and melatonin. And melatonin is the chemical in your body that takes care of your biorhythm and helps you fall into a deep sleep more easily. Here you can listen to a free guided sleep meditation for a deep and healing night’s sleep.

2. Essential Oil

Essential oil has a healing effect on us. The scents lavender and ylang ylang give a relaxing and titillating effect. You can of course also try out different oils yourself to experience the effect it has on you. Use a natural oil without chemical additives. Everything is energy and the oil changes the energy of the space and your aura. And change your energy and your feeling changes.

Using essential oil is easy. You can drip the oil on a cotton ball or tissue and place it next to your bed or pillow. What also works well is a plant sprayer that you can spray very fine. Add a few drops of oil to the water and spray it into the corners of the room. There are also evaporators for sale that allow you to purify the energy in the room with the essential oil before going to sleep.

3. Herbs

For centuries, plants and herbs have been used to support or heal us. We have often lost touch with the natural and healing effects of food, plants and herbs. But nowadays you can buy all kinds of herbal teas that help you get a good night’s sleep. The herbs chamomile, hops and valerian have a very soothing effect, but mixtures of other herbs are also possible. Many tea brands do have a tea in their range that you can test before going to sleep.

4. Gemstones

Gemstones also have an influence on your energy and the energy of space. Rose quartz is a very soft pink gemstone and is known as the stone of softness and love. Rose quartz has a relaxing effect and ensures a peaceful sleep and reduces anxious dreams. You can place the rose quartz on your bedside table, under or next to your pillow.

5. Trust your ability to sleep deeply

If you have been restless in sleep for a long time, your sleep rhythm can be quite confused. Continue to trust your body and your ability to change. Your body also wants nothing more than for you to sleep well, which also increases your recovering capacity considerably. So does a guided meditation, herbal tea or an essential oil not work immediately? Don’t give up too quickly, your body needs time to get back to a healthy biorhythm.


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