Why spirituality is great for your health (and especially your lymphatic system!)

Why spirituality is great for your health (and especially your lymphatic system!)
Spirituality, meaning and your soul have more to do with your health than you might think. Your lymphatic system in particular will be very grateful to you when you become more involved with spirituality. How does spirituality help your health and reduce stress? 

If we depend on something that ‘comes into our lives’ from outside as a source of happiness, it can also ‘disappear’.

Body, Mind, and Soul

Over the past twenty years, this has expanded to include the link between body and mind: the role of psychology on well-being and the interface between what happens between the ears and what goes on in the rest of the body

But there is an important third area that still receives little attention: spirituality. This dimension – mind, and soul – has been shown to play a key role in our optimal well-being. It has been established by medical science that the spiritual aspects of our lives are essential for circulation, as well as for the prevention and recovery of the disease. This is really the way to think about whole-body wellness: in the three dimensions of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Lymph and spirituality

Why spirituality is great for your health (and especially your lymphatic system!)

The same goes for lymph flow. The great mystic, scientist, researcher, and teacher Emanuel Swedenborg, who first identified the presence and actions of the lymphatic system around 1741, called the cerebral and spinal fluid “the spiritual lymph.” He understood that the flow of fluids in our bodies was essential for good health.

However, this article is not about naming the lymphatic system as a type of spiritual system; it’s about how you use your own soul to improve your overall health. How can your soul have a direct influence on tangible biological systems and processes? After all, the body and brain are centered in time and space, but there is a part of the mind that operates on a ‘metaphysical’ level, meaning that it is not limited by the boundaries of time and space, and even transcends those boundaries.

We don’t want to imply that a grounded soul automatically means you have strong circulation, but we do think you should consider the importance of this third dimension as it relates to your general health and well-being.

Why spirituality helps

Why should spirituality be good for your health? Among other things, it helps you deal with stress. Not only does stress feel like your mind has been put through a blender, chronic stress also has dozens of negative effects on your healthStress isn’t just something you have to manage. Stress attacks you. You can avoid the attack or you can defend yourself. In life it is impossible to avoid stress. Stress is simply a result of the lives we lead.

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How do you deal with the negative feelings that can lead to painful physical consequences? There are, of course, everyday tactics you can use to alleviate the effects of stress. But if we look beyond the quick fixes and consider a systematic approach to dealing with the negative effects of stress?

You must see the soul as our being, our pure consciousness. Connections to our soul are usually expressed in religious attitudes and activities, but can also be achieved through spiritual practice and ethical and moral principles. Things that help you start from a positive attitude and not emotional negativity can help keep you and your secret rivers safer.

Your soul as a tool for stress

The ability to use the soul begins with your initial defense against stress in life. How we ultimately respond to stressful situations is our own responsibility. That can start with relaxation techniques, which can help calm all of our systems. The benefits of yoga practice and relaxation are that our “short fuse” gets longer and we can choose positive responses to a stressor, and not react with anger, depression, anxiety or other negative emotions that are harmful to our body.

Relaxing Activities

Practicing yoga, massage, and other relaxing activities on a regular basis gives us the opportunity to observe the emotions that arise in our daily lives. When we are relaxed, we can say to ourselves: do I really want to choose that emotion? What can I put in its place? Our spiritual understanding gives us new options: compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and kindness.

Why spirituality is great for your health (and especially your lymphatic system!)

So it’s not like yoga or relaxation will make stress go away. They do, however, give you the strength and emotional support to respond to and manage the stress—through behaviors that help your body and are not harmful.

Eternally present

The most remarkable thing about using inspired solutions to our problems is that access to such an approach doesn’t come and go with the inevitable hectic pace of life. Yes, in everyday life we ​​may get what we want, but if we depend on something that ‘comes into our lives from outside as a source of happiness, it can also ‘disappear’.

But the mind and soul are by definition eternally present and available in all situations. Spiritual practice can help us experience peace and joy, which are always within us to be recognized; our inner peace.

Emanuel Swedenborg suggested that we apply the idea that every thought and action can be evaluated for the quality of their ‘usefulness’. This spiritual blueprint can help us experience purpose, meaning, and peace, even when things don’t go the way we hope. We can look everywhere for the sun shining behind the clouds, and instead of choosing negativity, we can find something positive that is useful to ourselves and others.


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