Why this world craves highly sensitive entrepreneurs (are you one?)

Why this world craves highly sensitive entrepreneurs (are you one?)

Are you highly sensitive and do you want to do business, but do you still find it exciting? Then read this article with 7 inspiring tips. “We can no longer hold back or hide. Our gift is needed in the world.”

We need enterprising HSPs. People who can break the old pattern and help build a new world.

Building a new world

We live in a society in which the rational approach is normal. We are expected to meet standards, requirements, and expectations and to always be ‘on’ and performing. We were raised with: work doesn’t have to be fun, it has to bring food to the table… It’s time to change tack and find a new balance. This requires a cultural change in society. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) are desperately needed in this transformation. Why HSPs? Because they are different. more sensitive. more empathetic. more loving. softer.

Why this world craves highly sensitive entrepreneurs (are you one?)

We need enterprising HSPs. People who are able to put their individuality into the world. Those who are past the eternal adjustment and have reached a certain state of freedom that allows them to break the old pattern and add something new. Help build a new world. They are the ones who can bring love, understanding, and compassion. Who can free themselves from the clutches of the system?

From adapting to the individuality

From an early age, we are conditioned to adapt. To participate in ‘fun’ with what is handed to us by the authorities: first our parents, then the teachers at school, and finally our employers. What we want ourselves often doesn’t matter. Our individuality is suppressed from the start.

We don’t know better for a long time and certainly, as a highly sensitive people, we like to do what is expected of us. Our feelers are already attuned to the environment in any case and we are great at keeping all the balls in the air and satisfying everyone. Except ourselves. This can go on for a long time until we fall out. Until a crisis, of any kind, comes to help us to really choose for ourselves. To finally do what we are here for. To let our light shine. And to bring love into the world, starting with love for ourselves and for our individuality.

Following the intuitive path

Your individuality is the wild nature that you still had as a child. It could be your creativity or your temperament or maybe your quiet strengthSomething that made you feel rejected. Different then others. A quality that you, therefore, started to hide and that you may need to dig up some more before you can bring it out. You may still feel insecure about it. What can I do with that? Who’s waiting for that?

Why this world craves highly sensitive entrepreneurs (are you one?)

We as highly sensitive people have to do our thing; the time has come. We can no longer hold back or hide. Our gift is needed in the world. Where the system with its rules and protocols ensures that we gradually threaten to change into robots and zombies, our love, understanding, insight, and strong empathy are necessary for a new balance.

It is precisely our humanity and our wild individuality that want and must be brought to light. I feel the mission is to make the intuitive way more known. To teach people how to go about this and I draw from my own experiences because I myself have learned through trial and error. I want to inspire and encourage you to find and go your own way.

Seven pieces of advice for you

I am a spiritual career coach and entrepreneur since 2003. I have known the necessary ups and downs as an entrepreneur. In recent years I have grown enormously both personally and professionally. Here are my 7 tips:

  1. Have a realistic self-image: because your self-image influences your company.
  2. Provide strategy and structure: this way you have control over your business and money.
  3. Watch your thoughts: learn to consciously create what you do want.
  4. Use your ability to connect: work from the connection with yourself.
  5. Listen to your feelings and intuition: your feelings lead you to your destination.
  6. See the synchronicity: be open to the helpers in your path.
  7. Learn to let go: surrender to what the purpose of your life is.

Your soul knows the answer

Why this world craves highly sensitive entrepreneurs (are you one?)

The most important tip I’ve been giving people for years is this: listen to your own feelings and intuition and don’t be distracted by what others say. That also applies, and maybe even more, if you want to do business and put your thing in the world. Who can know your way but you? Your head may not know it, but that’s why listening to your intuition is so important. Because your soul knows.

There are many business coaches with opinions and visions on how to run a successful business. For me, those ways of doing things have limited work. I found that I had to go my own way and discover what was and wasn’t right for me. I suspect that the same applies to you and your individuality.

Sometimes you don’t know for a while and you can use the help of someone else. Then switch it on. I have learned a lot from various business coaches, so they are certainly valuable. Learn from them what you want to learn. Do what you can with it, and leave behind what you don’t like. The same goes of course for the tips I give you!



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