Why We’re On Earth To Shine (And Not Make Ourselves Smaller Than We Are)


“Our greatest fear is not that we are not good enough. Our greatest fear is that we have boundless power. We are especially afraid of the light within us and not so much of the darkness.’ This quote is at least as famous as the book it’s in: The Everseller  Return to Love  by spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson. Curious about what’s next? In this article Marianne explains that we are here to shine.

Who am I to be so brilliant, handsome, talented and amazing?

We ask ourselves: who am I to be so brilliant, handsome, talented and amazing? Actually, we should ask ourselves: why should n’t I? ? You are a child of God. Belittling yourself is not good for anything. It is not enlightened at all to make yourself smaller than you are so that other people do not have to feel insecure in your presence. We are all meant to shine, just like children do.

We were born to make visible the glory of God that dwells within us. The glory of God dwells not in a few of us, but in everyone. When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. When we free ourselves from our fear, our presence automatically frees other people.

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The cosmic spotlight is not aimed at you; it shines from you

A miracle worker is an artist of the soul. There is no higher art form than living a beautiful life. An artist makes clear to the world what becomes possible when we take off our mask. That is why we are all on earth. Many people are obsessed with the desire to be a star because they don’t yet consider themselves the star of their lives. The cosmic spotlight is not aimed at you; it shines from within you.

I used to think I had to wait for someone to discover me, as a producer Lana Turner discovered. Finally I understood that I was waiting for myself. If we have to wait for the world to give us permission to shine, we can wait for St. Juttemis. The ego never gives you permission, only God does and He has already done it. He has sent you to Earth as his personal emissary and is asking you to let his love flow into the world. Are you waiting for a more important job? There isn’t.


There is a plan for each of us. Each of us is important. As we open our hearts more, we move in the direction we should be going. We learn to let our love flow more and more and receive divine guidance so that we are where we need to be and doing what we need to do. We appear to have new talents and develop those talents without having to do anything for it. We no longer have to make an effort to accomplish anything.

Isn’t it inconceivable that Leonardo da Vinci would have chosen a profession other than a painter or that Shakespeare had not become a writer? In Letters to a Young Poet , Rilke tells a young writer to write only when he feels he should. write. We must do what we feel a deep, psychological and emotional urge to do. This is the source of our strength and we shine when we tap into this source. We cannot conjure up our power with the mind or with the will. Divine grace is the origin of our power, an act of grace.


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