Why You Lie Up At Night: This Is What Your Sleep Is Trying To Tell You

Why You Lie Up At Night: This Is What Your Sleep Is Trying To Tell You

Sleep is a tricky subject in the context of anxiety. You undoubtedly know how good a healthy night’s sleep is for you and that good sleep can really reduce your anxiety. But if you suffer from insomnia, sleeping is already a loaded topic for you anyway and you will only suffer from tension if you read here how important a good night’s sleep is for you. Tension and anxiety are often associated with insomnia. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re experiencing sleepless nights.

Insomnia from going to bed too late

I want to say this about this: if you don’t get enough sleep as a result of the choices you make(staying up too long playing video games or watching YouTube videos), consider changing that angle. A responsible parent ensures that children develop healthy sleep patterns and go to bed at a reasonable time.

Your inner loving parent has the exact same job as you and should say something like, “I know you’d like to watch another episode, but it really is time to go to sleep.” For example, if you’re following a series, it can take some effort to break free from that fascinating screen. But if you think about how tired and tense you will be tomorrow if you keep watching now, you know that it will cost more than it will pay off and you will increase the chances of making the right loving choice.

Why You Lie Up At Night: This Is What Your Sleep Is Trying To Tell You

Insomnia due to unresolved fears

If you suffer from insomnia even though you do go to bed on time, read the following piece of text extra carefully. Insomnia can have many causes. They are all messengers that call your attention to individual parts of yourself: body, heart, brain or soul. Insomnia may be telling you that you need to exercise more or take better care of your blood sugar. Perhaps it wants to make it clear to you that you are not taking enough time and rest during the day to nurture your soul, so it wakes you up at night so that you can absorb the silence of the night.

Insomnia is one of the most powerful emissaries of your fear. During the day, the hustle and bustle of everyday life drown out your anxiety well enough that you can resist the temptation to pay attention to it. But in the silent darkness of the night, you cannot escape their cry for attention. The more you tackle fear and tension at the root and listen to what it wants to say when it knocks on your psyche at 3 a.m., the better your sleep and therefore your health.


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