Why you should be right in the middle of the world if you are highly sensitive

Why you should be right in the middle of the world if you are highly sensitive
You get tired of some people, suddenly stimuli can become too much and your me-time is essential. So many things come to you all the time, you sense the mood of colleagues and you are really upset when there is an argument around you. Yet it is important that you, with your high sensitivity, choose to show yourself and to let yourself be heard. To still be in the middle of life and not withdraw.

20% of all people are highly sensitive

…and some of them stumble over overstimulation, fluctuating emotions and burn-outs. Nowadays there is more recognition for HSPs and is regularly written about. It is now receiving attention, but it is not a new phenomenon. It is hereditary. Sometimes it skips a generation, but most people can identify an ancestor who was similarly sensitive. We’re just giving it more words now.

What you can do better as an HSP than less sensitive people is to sense situations and people. You see out-of-the-box solutions faster and you know what needs to be said to improve the atmosphere somewhere. You have an eye for details and you think creatively, in pictures or in ideas. You can empathize well with others and integrity and quality are important to you. Connecting people is a quality of yours, as is your empathy.

Fan out

Why you should be right in the middle of the world if you are highly sensitive

It’s just a shame that many HSPs regularly don’t get to these talents because they are sometimes overwhelmed and get out of balance. They then withdraw and stand on the sidelines for a bit. And you don’t have to. It is a matter of taking charge of yourself and your energy. If you look at the energy of an HSP, it often fans out. You realize how it is with someone else rather than how you really feel. That’s because of that fanning out. The other is in your energy field, or rather: your field is with him or her.

As an HSP you are so focused on others that you spend your attention and energy with others more often than with yourself. You don’t keep your power with you. That is why knowing how you feel and responding to it is quite difficult. You realize too late that you are overstimulated and you find it difficult to set your limits. But when you learn how to keep your energy with yourself, you are already taking a big step.

Keeping to yourself is not shielding yourself, that doesn’t work. It might work for a minute, but then your energy just fans out again. There are simple techniques to strengthen yourself and to stay with yourself. This allows you to let your talents live, because that is what you are here on earth for: to display your qualities and to be an added value for others and yourself. It balances you and makes you happier.

Seers and healers

Why you should be right in the middle of the world if you are highly sensitive

High sensitivity is very natural and it is a talent. Humanity has always needed and used it. When humans still lived in tribes, there were always seers and healers. These were highly regarded all over the world: among the Indians, as well as the shamans in Siberia and South America and the druids in Western Europe. They were peacemakers and advisers. Without their high sensitivity, they could not have done this important work. They were guided and trained by people who came before them. Many HSPs miss the latter, but it is there. You will find it in qualitative training courses for intuition and mediumship.

In fact, as a highly sensitive person, you are often already intuitive and mediumistic. You have déjà vu, you sometimes know how a situation will turn out or what will be said. Sometimes you have dreams in which deceased loved ones appear or a realization that they are around you. Because you don’t know what it is, it can make you a bit anxious. That is not necessary at all. The world of intuition and mediumship is one of love. With training you don’t become intuitive or mediumistic, you already were. It is already in your life.


Why you should be right in the middle of the world if you are highly sensitive

But it does require skill to handle your sensitivity. Every stumble over incentives is actually a call for attention to your talent. It is an invitation to do more with it. To learn techniques that belong to this talent, so that you can stand in the middle of the world. Humanity actually needs creative connectors. Empathetic people who live from their heart and soul and who have the meaning as their mission. Intuitive world inhabitants who want to make a difference.



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