Why you should stop working on yourself…

Why you should stop working on yourself…
Stop working on yourself right now! It may sound strange, but after reading this article you will completely understand. If you focus on something that makes you happy, life immediately gives you more of the same feeling, the same vibration.

You are already whole and perfect—you just don’t have to believe and follow your own limiting thoughts so stubbornly.

Take a critical look at yourself

What a special headline isn’t it for an article that is aimed at the conscious person. Let me take you into the logic of not having to work on yourself anymore. Because life can feel so much fun, easy, and fulfilling when you can see your own perfection.

Perfection? What are you saying! That may sound pretty far from how you view yourself right now. But tell yourself, what is it like to always look at yourself with a critical eye? Does that feel nice, pleasant, and satisfying? I do not think so. That’s why we’re going to change it. Because just when you like conscious choices, you can also make very conscious choices when it comes to self-love.

Why you should stop working on yourself…

Emoto .’s groundbreaking research

You may know the studies of Dr. Masuro Emoto. This scientist showed that the molecular structure of water changes when we talk to it. And it went even further than that! He showed through beautiful photos that the structure of water adapts to our thoughts, to written words, and to the appearance of certain locations. In short: the basis of water adapts to our intentions.

This is not visible with the physical eye but can be seen with a microscope. This means the following for our daily lives: the way you talk to yourself, your body and your environment, how you think about it, and what you radiate, influence water structures. If you know that your body is made up of at least 70 percent water, do you realize that it is always responding to your thoughts and inner conversations with yourself?

Constantly improving yourself

Perhaps you already knew this, but to what extent do you actually, apply this knowledge in your life? I come across many conscious fellow human beings who are so fixated on ‘getting better. Having to grow up and develop into a super conscious person. Don’t get me wrong: I like consciousness development. But what I like to draw attention to is the way in which you achieve that growth. This can also be done in playful and light ways!

Many conscious people are focused on discovering where they still do something ‘wrong’ so that it can be improved. That can give you a lot of growth in the beginning because you constantly adjust and ‘improve’ yourself and your behavior. But imagine that you keep doing this, that you keep on improving, adapting… Can you imagine what you set the automation of your brain too? It gets used to looking for ‘mistakes’, to the places where you wouldn’t be good enough, to the places in your relationships and situations where it doesn’t feel good enough yet. After a while, your brain is set to what can still be improved, what is not good enough about me or my life?

The law of attraction

Why you should stop working on yourself…
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That’s where the law of attraction comes in: like energies attract each other. Do you realize that with an ‘improvement’ attitude you attract confirmation in those areas that you don’t feel good enough about? For life always aligns with your vibration, your vibrational radiance. In other words: life gives you more of what you already radiate.

So it is actually quite logical that you focus on your perfection, on your perfection, in all areas where you are proud of yourself. Even if you can only name one thing that you are very proud of right now, it is still shifting your attention to a positive vibration. And from that vibration, you will see more and more aspects of yourself that you admire.

What do you value in yourself?

We live in a vibrational world, where everything revolves around learning to receive love, abundance, and possibilities. But living in well-being is almost crazy while working hard, giving yourself away to others, and taking the suffering of the world on your shoulders is called admirable. Personally, I stand for a conscious world in which it becomes logical that people become focused on well-being.

Because if you focus on something that makes you happy, life immediately gives you more of the same feeling, the same vibration. So if you focus on what you are proud of, what you are grateful for, and what you appreciate in yourself, your appearance changes. And when your appearance changes, you also change your direct communication with life itself! And that’s ultimately what it’s all about. You may communicate more directly with life itself.

Choose the easy way!

Would you like to grow and develop yourself? That’s okay. But ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your growth?
  • What feeling do you aspire to?
  • How do you feel when you have developed optimally?

Exactly that feeling is your direct communication with life. You can of course continue to grow by always looking for your pain points and struggles in life. But you can also choose the easy way. Life has no judgment about how you seek out your experiences. You get to choose whichever path you find most satisfying.

Do you dare to try out how easy, fun, and satisfying your growth process will be if you only focus on all the beautiful sides of yourself? What do you admire about yourself, find beautiful, and what gives you that wonderful expanding feeling? Because that feeling is going to give you more of the same. And all other places where you may still hold limiting patterns and thoughts will automatically vibrate with your new control.

Grow and be happy

Why you should stop working on yourself…

I see our world as a place where we can and should be geared to well-being. Because a happy person is a food source for his environment. If you learn to take good care of yourself, you will no longer stand in the way of your natural growth. Wherever you should work on yourself, you are actually standing in the way of your natural evolution. Growing is the most natural thing there is, it happens anyway. Just look at nature. Have you ever seen a plant worrying about its growth rate?

You are already whole and perfect—you just don’t have to believe and follow your own limiting thoughts so stubbornly. Allow yourself to always choose: what makes me happy? What connects me right now with my natural sense of expansion?

A shift in your life

After a while you know that expanding feeling so well that your circumstances no longer determine your happiness. You have learned to internalize your happiness; it has become a natural state of being. And guess what life can finally offer you: a pure collaboration based on expansion and happiness! Try it out: discover who you are when you keep focusing your attention on what makes you happy. You will be amazed at the shift you will make in the near future.

Enjoy your journey of discovery!


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