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“Wild Indigo Women”

When I speak to several clients who are struggling with what next steps to take in their lives, we discover the source of doubt and confusion deep within their past.

They remember how they were once motivated, happy and full of dreams and that at one point these dreams stopped.

These are the wild indigo women who, now at least 40 years of age, came to change many different social institutions like the younger indigos and who then sacrificed themselves in the process. Now they can recapture their wild indigo essence by understanding why they suffered so much.

Many of these women had unplanned pregnancies and were embarrassed to have their children adopted or had abortions that they regretted.

Some had careers or made (other) life choices that their families opposed. Others were rejected or rejected by their families. I call these women the wild indigo women, because they were seen as wild, reckless and irresponsible.

They came up with these things, but not with the intent of causing trouble. Like today’s indigo generation, they wanted to create change, but in their day the task was too difficult for many of them.

Through their efforts, the issues raised by the indigo generation have come to the fore over the past 10 years. And it’s interesting that many of these wild indigos are the parents of many indigo sons and daughters.

But instead of being ashamed of their children or rejecting them for their behavior, they support them because they remember their own suffering. This is part of the process of finding their own strength by supporting their children who come to change the world. The other part is to recapture their own wild indigo woman and use it to change the world once again.

While I feel the sadness of these women, I also know that they have not lost their spark. This one is simply buried under the many layers of shame and guilt that they do not deserve, but have carried out for much of their lives. When this resonates with you, remember that you had a task to do and you did your best.

You did not fail even when you were rejected, humiliated or shamed by those who were not ready to accept the truth you brought to them. Your spark still lives and it is time for this spark to be rekindled so that it can be shared with a world that is now ready.”


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