Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Will, Love and Wisdom are freely available to everyone

Chances are you’ve heard of Free Will. But did you know that this is part of a universal trinity? They are tools to view the universe from different perspectives. Will, Love and Wisdom. They are freely available to everyone. Through our heart, through our feelings.
As a society, we are now largely alienated from that. Not only understand the value of different perspectives, so wise, but also that of the heart and feeling.
You certainly don’t get it in primary school. There is a total disconnection from nature, the best place to feel by the way. Our current way of living together is focused on rationality and science, on fast, practical, large, and on trade with exponential economic growth. Even if that is at the expense of our earth and all its inhabitants.
Urbanization and centralization alienate us from villages, from small, from slow. From more sustainable small loving farms, local businesses and real healthy food.The ‘one size fits all’ approach, ie one single solution, one standard for everyone, is disastrous for our planet, bad for our hearts, our sense of oneness and our uniqueness. We are caught in standards, in cito tests, in IQ tests and other labels. In uniformity. And that’s a bit of a squeeze, that mould.

So for you this little reminder:

We have Love to express ourselves.
We have wisdom to be in harmony with ourselves and with others. In harmony with the present, with the past and with the future. To understand who we are, where we came from and what we come to do.
We have the Will to move, move forward and co-create, connected as one.
And it is precisely these three tools that are going to break the mold.


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