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Will Smith: Your words and thoughts have physical power

Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. He has made us all laugh as the “ Fresh Prince of Bel Air ”, made us cry in “ Seven Pounds ”, and made us appreciate life a little more in “ The Pursuit of Happines ”.

Will Smith is, in my opinion, a remarkable actor, who seems to naturally understand how to deliver compelling performances, whatever the role or story asks of you. But what many of you may not know is that Will Smith is also very inspiring when he’s not on the silver screen.

Over the course of his career, Will has surprised us with some very profound words of wisdom on multiple public appearances. Whether he was promoting a new movie, talking about his upbringing, or participating in an in-depth personal conversation, he always managed to give us something to think about.

Here’s a powerful and acclaimed compilation of interviews from Will Smith that can definitely give you the push you need to conquer anything you put your mind to:

It starts with loving life

We live in a working human body, on a planet brimming with opportunity, and yet many of us hate this experience. How can some of us decide to despise this existence, when Will Smith, a human being like us, is able to love it with all his heart?
I know many will quickly attribute this to socioeconomic status that is a lot higher than many of us, but it certainly seems Will had this mindset in him before he achieved the success he has now. It also seems that this difference in mentality may just be the key ingredient that has brought him to where he is today.

No matter how many hardships you have in your path right now, you always have a choice. Do you choose to live life with the triumphs and hardships it has to offer? Or do you choose to be a victim of it, never taking control and appreciating the gift of life we ​​all have?

Powerful ready-made statements

There are some powerful out-of-the-ordinary statements in this compilation, but here are some that really stood out to me:

• Greatness is not a “divine” attribute, it is in all of us
• We tend to make situations much more difficult than they need to be (this is fueled by the mindset that “it can’t be easy”)
• You are born a talent, but acquiring competencies takes hours and hours of work and commitment to stick
• Whether you are born with great talent or not, an unprecedented work ethic can take you beyond the level of talent that someone else is naturally born with .
• When setting goals, focus on the process rather than the end goal. Focus on placing each brick as perfectly as possible instead of building a whole wall.
• We all have a responsibility to make this world a better place.
• Success requires an imaginative quality. You have to fantasize until you get to the point where you see something happen that no one else sees.
• Stop identifying yourself with the term realistic. It raises a barrier. Instead, remember that all great inventions were once seen as unrealistic and now they exist.
• Choose and the universe will avoid you.


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