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Will we see each other again after this life? Jennifer Hoffman


Dear Jennifer:  It feels like the last two years have been one long continuous stream of disconnecting me from a lot of people I thought I knew, but I probably didn’t, because it’s become very clear to me that they can no longer be in my life. to be. 

At times this makes me very sad, and I wonder what happens to them after I broke away from them. 

Will we meet somewhere after this life? Is there any possibility that we will meet somewhere later in this life? I know it’s not my fault, and I have to let them go, but I’m having a really hard time doing this without any regrets for what could have been, and hoping I somehow got them off have been on duty.

Jennifer’s answer: Letting go is difficult when our emotions become entwined with the energy we release.

When someone makes it very clear that they cannot be in your life, either through their behavior or through your realization that the connection is not serving you in a fulfilling way, it is because your energies do not match. They may want to connect with you in a way that is not possible for you, or you may want them to be on a level that they cannot reach.

In either case, it’s an energetic process, and you can be more at peace when you can let go of the emotions and your own sense of obligation about these issues, and understand the energetic exchange that’s happening, because it matters how we do or don’t. connect with people.

It is very uncomfortable for someone to stay on an energetic frequency that is not aligned with their own. Just think about how uncomfortable you feel when you’re around people you can’t connect with.

They feel the same about you and your energy. We may believe that we can resolve, heal, adjust or deal with the imbalance, but we really cannot, because the other person must both recognize the energetic imbalance as such, and make the choice to use their own energy. to change. Sometimes that happens, other times it doesn’t.

Your gift to them is to show them the potential of another energy. Their gift to you is to free you from the karma you share with them, what they do when they choose you, or reject you, your gift and the energy.past life time

We connect with people for a purpose that serves everyone, usually in different ways. When you deal with people who are a challenge, you offer them an opportunity they cannot appreciate, and you end this karmic obligation.

The karma in these situations usually has to do with commitment we have to others, with giving them one more chance to act or be in ways we think are right for them, or that make their lives in a different way. expanded in some way.

But as much as we want them to accept our energetic gift, they must be willing to do so and be on that frequency to be able to acknowledge and accept that gift. Otherwise, they just see it as meddling, manipulation or challenge.

There is always an opportunity to reconnect in this and other lifetimes, as we are never completely disconnected from anyone. We are all energetically connected to each other, and we are all one.

You may mourn the loss of a past friend, partner, or family member, but on a soul level, the connection you had with them has never been broken. Your work with them is truly done when you offer the energetic gift, and the rest is up to them.

So be glad you are aware of the opportunity you are offering them, step back and let the person choose what is best and right for them.

They won’t make a mistake, and neither will you. When you clear your own karmic obligations, cycles and contracts, you allow new fulfilling, joyful, karma-free connections to become possible for you as you move forward on your own journey, and that is what serves you best.


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