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With this independent prefab home you can live almost anywhere in the world

Every time I travel, I fall more and more in love with our world. And yet I have a longing for home. Not so much because of the things I have at home, but because of how my home makes me feel. I understand that such connection is seen as a form of materialism, but homes can also serve as sacred places that exude positive, calming, loving and familiar energy.

The things in my house tell a story. The nooks and crannies my cat sleeps and plays in are heartwarming to me. The meals I prepare in my kitchen give me a sense of unity. The memories of sitting around the dinner table with friends are countless, as are all the sand I carried into the house from the beach. Home, the house I have right now, and like all the other houses I’ve lived in, is a big part of who I am.

Minimalists and world travelers alike will tell you that you are at home where your heart is – that you will experience and feel all the more when you have less. But what if you want both? What if you could take your home with you, anywhere in the world? That’s a beautiful dream…

Except Coodo makes it a reality. Made in Germany, this eco-friendly mobile home is designed to fit almost anywhere in the world. Do you want to enjoy yourself in the big city? Put a coodo on the roof. Prefer to escape to a paradise? Then you just put your house on the beach.

If you’re thinking ‘ I wish I could do this with my business’ , then I have good news. Coodo can also function as a retail space, restaurant, office, studio or social space as it is a flexible white box with a modular design. Looking for a specific size? You can connect multiple coodos to create spaces that meet all your needs.

Their website states the following:

“A coodo is simply a frame with nicely rounded corners and stabilizing, solid walls made of heavy glass. The heating, cooling and electrical system are all neatly hidden in the floor, ceiling and interior walls of the unit. In addition to the type of model, you can also choose from various options that we install for you.

Of course you don’t buy coodo to deal with all the details, but to enjoy the bigger picture. The coodo architects knew this and did everything they could to design a simple product that is practical, beautiful and solid. You choose your colours, materials and details and leave the rest to us. So when you move into your new home, everything fits together and, more importantly, everything fits ‘you’. Your new life can begin!”

The prefabricated house can be assembled easily and quickly, with minimal impact on the construction site and the environment. The company has designed different styles and sizes, from 36 to 96 square meters, as well as offering a whole range of functions, such as a houseboat, the watercoodo.

Some models can be set up as easily as a tent, in just a few minutes. Others require a little more work, and may take you a few hours.

A coodo can be moved at any time, giving owners the flexibility to go wherever they want – along with their home.

Not only did the company want to design something that would allow people to travel freely, but also something that would minimize the home’s environmental footprint. The website explains that all units are made of “environmentally responsible and especially natural materials with low emissions.”

The houses have full-height windows with triple glazing, high-tech insulation, a shaded outdoor patio made from recycled planks, built-in micro-filter ventilation, and an air humidification system to keep the interior clean and dust-free.

“We want to lead by example by having a major impact on society and proving that high environmental and sustainability standards do not make it impossible to meet the high standards of design and comfort, but rather work in harmony thanks to innovation,” says Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO of coodo’s LTG Lofts to go GmbH & CO. KG.


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