Thursday, December 1, 2022



singing bowl singleIn a commercial for a new movie, I heard the voice say, “Everyone will resonate with this movie.” That really caught my attention, not because the movie was good in my opinion, but because they used the word “resonates.” It means to be aligned with, on the same frequency as, to share a vibration, and it is a term that defines our new way of connecting with each other. Resonance is our way of defining how we connect and connect with people and situations, because now more than ever there is no possibility or potential for connection when there is no resonance.

When everyone was more or less on the same energetic level and frequency, we didn’t think about resonance, because there really was no reason to. There were people and situations that we were naturally drawn to, and there were those we avoided, things that made us feel good or bad, and things we liked or disliked.

But because we now know ourselves as energetic beings, our awareness of different frequencies and vibrations is much stronger. The gift of our heightened energetic consciousness is a heightened sensitivity to the differences between frequencies, and to the unlimited influx of frequencies from which we can choose.

And this new focus makes it difficult, if not impossible, to resonate with what doesn’t match our own energetic frequency. This focuses all of our connections on the level of frequency and vibration, and it is from there that we choose who we can and cannot connect with, based on what we resonate with.

For some it may be a sad realization that our blissful 3D ignorance is gone, of how we ‘felt’ about something or someone or how we would have acted in the past based on our commitments, responsibilities or obligations. Now it’s about resonance and energy and any connection we make will be from these two questions:

  • do I resonate with this person, place, or thing?

  • Can this (person, place, thing) be aligned with my energy and is there a place for it within my own energetic field or space?

jennifer hoffman

In the past, we would set aside energetic space for people of different energy frequencies, and give them a chance to join us or reach a similar level. We can no longer do this, because the energetic differences are too great, and each of us has to choose our own frequency and that to which we resonate.

While offering someone the gift of keeping energetic space free for them was something we wanted to do as our part of our collective healing path, it is now something we can no longer do because it interferes with their path, and in the ours too.

We are now deep in a transition period that can only move forward. We can’t go back, and there’s no “back” to fall back on. The densest aspects of the 3D paradigms are gone, and more are falling away any moment. They are being replaced by a new set of lighter and higher frequency paradigms that we can use to explore and choose what matches our energy, and what we resonate with.

That’s why we can no longer keep energetic space for them, because they can’t choose for themselves what they resonate with, they will choose what resonates for the person who keeps space for them, so they will choose something that someone else resonates to .And that’s something that they can’t handle, that they don’t appreciate, that they don’t see the meaning of, and that doesn’t resonate with themselves,

Resonance is an aspect of multidimensionality that we must learn to handle. It’s part of our new Earth paradigm, and it’s the point from which we’re going to create everything in our lives from now on. It will become more and more difficult to be aware of something or to choose something that we do not resonate with.

When we use resonance to make our choice, we remember that everything is energetic, and that choosing from resonance keeps us within the focus of our intent, so that everything we manifest is an aspect of our most powerful, heartfelt intentions for ourselves and our life .


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