Woman consciousness, endometriosis and the spiritual meaning from numerology (7 and 13)

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What do endometriosis, the numbers 7 and 13 and woman consciousness have in common? In this article, these topics come together in a fluid way, revealing the spiritual, deep meaning. Heidi Lobato describes beautifully and makes you realize how magical numbers are. Furthermore, this article will open your eyes and show you how special it is to be a woman.

As far as I’m concerned, thirteen is the sacred female number, which refers to a woman’s thirteen cycles in a year.

When I woke up, everything about me had changed. inner. Because on my outside you saw nothing. You don’t see anything in women with the same condition that I have anyway. It lies veiled, deep within us, difficult to see and difficult to know. Incurable, but not fatal. Mysterious and shrouded in a painful silence. Does unknown make her unloved? It seems so, because there are quite a lot of women in the world who have this condition. One in ten. In 2019 that is about two hundred million women and that is a lot. Way too much if you ask me and the most poignant part is that you rarely hear about it. endometriosis. It is quiet. Chronically quiet. Crazy right?

I felt that I wanted to break that silence, I had to break it. Because it is not a rare condition at all, nor is it a new disease. For centuries, women have been coming to their doctors with their maddening stomachaches, although you could only do that if you came from a very good background. You ran a great risk of being declared insane and ending up in an asylum.

Women weren’t crazy, doctors, but they did go crazy with the pain, and that hasn’t changed much in the 21st century. Why do we ignore women’s pain anyway? Is that because the mostly male doctors cannot feel these pains and therefore cannot imagine the seriousness? Or because we tend not to take women very seriously at all, a conditioned thinking that we can hardly get rid of. Neither do we women.

Negative Thought Pattern: The Denial of Our Being

In the 1980s, I discovered through Louise Hay that the possible negative thought pattern of women’s disorders like endometriosis could be the denial of our essence, the rejection of femininity, the rejection of the feminine principle. Can our thoughts make us so sick or are we dealing here with a collective ignoring of this consciousness? I already felt that I did not want to tell this story purely medically, physically, because I also wanted to give my fellow sisters tools not to necessarily go to war against this condition. Our doctors are of course allowed to do that. But how do you excite the doctor? Or maybe we should stimulate the Ministry of Health for more resources, broader research, more multidisciplinary possibilities, because quite frankly, that’s what our doctors would like.

Read all about physical symptoms of negative thought patterns in You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

The Spiritual Meaning of Endometriosis According to Numerology

If there were a formula for endometriosis, what numbers would it contain and could it be solved? The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (sixth century BC) taught us that everything in the world consists of vibrations, which can be recorded in numbers. Each with their own symbolism. The numbers can refer to colours, or smells, or music, the revolutions of the planets, the rhythms of day and night: everything has a number. Pythagoras came to brilliant insights partly as a result of these discoveries. From him we learned that although numbers indicate quantities, numbers represent qualities.

Number is the essence of all things
– Pythagoras

According to Pythagoras, the number was the foundation of the universe and the world was built from the power of the number, which to him was everything beautiful, orderly, correct and harmonious. According to numerologists, the day and time of our birth are not a coincidence and very decisive whether we will succeed in our life lessons or life mission. That depends on the vibrations and vibrations around our birthday. We also use numerology as a method to analyze our character based on our birth number or our name. But even our house number can determine our happiness at that address. It is above all the quality, the symbolism of a number that fascinates me. Sometimes surprisingly striking. And the more you see and understand the symbolism of the numbers, the more true the Pythagorean view becomes.

Symbolism of numbers: number 13 as a sacred female number

Incidentally, the symbolism of a number can also be different in different cultures. For example, the number thirteen is experienced as an unlucky number, witch number or taboo number, which is why hotels often do not have a room on the 13 or 13th floor. Friday the 13th is another lucky number in Japan. But four, for example, sounds like “si” or “shi,” meaning “death” in various Asian languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, so they again omit a fourth or fourteenth floor.

As far as I’m concerned, thirteen is the sacred female number, which refers to a woman’s thirteen cycles in a year. Friday was the day of the Northern European Freya, the goddess of fertility, pleasure, love and lust. Friday the 13th was once a public holiday. The combination Friday and thirteen immediately got a bad name in the patriarchal solar cultures. There were once thirteen zodiac signs; I suspect when the lunar calendar was still used which had thirteen months. The thirteenth sign would have been Lilith the snake keeper/carrier.

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The number of endometriosis: seven

If we look up the number in endometriosis, we come to the number SEVEN in Dutch, the magic number that we encounter very often. A week has seven days, the rainbow has seven colors, seven plagues in the Bible, seven deadly sins, being in the seventh heaven, and so on. The seven is also the symbol of the rhythm of the universe: the earth revolves seven times before life is renewed. The seven is also a prime number, because it is only divisible by 1 and itself and therefore stands for virginity.

In the Bible it means a lot, abundance and it is seen as the sacred number because it connects the divine THREE with the earthly FOUR, God and the world. Beautiful right?

The karmic lesson of the seven has everything to do with letting go of our instilled fears and reawakening our own original wild nature. And no longer reject it. If you look at it this way, Louise Hay is right in explaining the negative thought pattern in endometriosis.

And it’s funny when we look at the famous symbol used by the Pythagoreans, which looks a lot like a womb. It symbolizes the power of choice: in the middle the path of life is symbolized and one can turn right at the intersection for Divine wisdom or left to earthly wisdom. The choice is ours.


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