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Working with Crystals; the crystal grid

What is a crystal grid?

A ‘grid’ is a grid, a structure in which something is placed. When we talk about a ‘crystal grid’ we are talking about consciously and attentively placing crystals in a specific place. The most common place you would place a grid is in (or around) the house.

This can be done with the aim of protecting the house against negative or heavy energy, keeping the space(s) clean, keeping the flow of loving energy intact and to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.

In any case, those are the goals I work with when I place a crystal grid in my own house or after a house cleaning in a client’s house.

What can you do with it and how do you make it?

 house grid

All types of crystals have their own vibrational frequency, energy and effect. So you can choose correct crystals that fit the purpose of your grid. The above goals for placing a grid in your house are summarized; protection, purity, love and abundance.

In that case you can choose the crystals Pyrite or Bornite for protection, Rock crystal for purity, Rose Quartz for love and Citrine for abundance. This is a good basis for installing a grid in your home.

Before you start installing your grid, it is important to make sure that your house is clean first. I’m not talking about the dishes and a layer of fabric, but about the energy.

Due to visits from people outside your family or because of quarrels or strong emotions that take place within the family, it is possible that heavy energy gradually starts to hang in the house. Or of course if you have just moved; then you would like to remove the energy of the previous residents so that there is room for your energy.

So it is good to clean your house first. You can do this by, for example, burning sage and cleaning the energy with the smoke room by room. It is the intention that counts and as with everything; follow your gut feeling in how you do it. Of course there are several ways to clean your house, which is worth an article in itself.

After your house is clean in energy again, you start with the ‘border surveillance’; take a few small rock crystals (I usually use 5) and place them in places on the border of your house, along the wall or in a corner that feel right to you.

Do this with the intention that you anchor the purity after cleaning and place a protection like you would place physical fences around your garden, for example. Now the basics are in place and in principle this is sufficient. Then you can start with the ‘real’ work; placing a filter for energy, attracting love and abundance.

You can place the filter for energy by the door. You can use a Pyrite or Bornite for this. By placing this at or next to your front door, you place a filter that ensures that all energy that comes in (with people through the door) is filtered from heaviness and negativity. In this way the ‘dredging’ that someone takes, or yourself after a hard day, stays outside.

Then you can track down the ‘love corner’ of your home. I always refer to the corner furthest away and farthest right from the front door as the love corner. That is the corner in your house where you place the Rose Quartz (or other love stone). Is there a closet or something like that? Then put it on the cupboard. It doesn’t listen so closely and again; follow your feelings.

Finally, you can begin to attract abundance into your life and home. Use a natural Citrine for this. The Corner of Abundance is the one furthest away and most left from your front door.

Adjust your grid according to how your house is decorated. I’ve lived in a house where the most convenient place for the litter box was the abundance corner. Not really abundance-attracting it seemed to me. I deliberately placed an extra large Citrine there for balance.

With these angles and themes you have a very solid foundation! Of course you can always go further by, for example, placing an altar in the house and building a grid there again.

Grid intent

For example, you can build an intention grid on your altar. An intention grid is a way to give power to a specific intention. You can’t make mistakes in building grids. The more often you do it and the more you dare to play, experiment and experience for yourself what happens, the better you become at it.

A good example of an intention grid is the grid I made for myself when I was going through an emotional and uncertain phase. I carefully selected the crystals that caught my eye with the aim of soothing my emotions and promoting self-confidence. On my altar (an altar can be seen as a reflection of the owner) I had placed a personal object in the middle that symbolized myself.

Around that, in a beautiful double circle, I laid out the chosen crystals. In the inner circle came the crystals that stood for warmth, self-love and nurturing. In the slightly larger circle around it I placed the crystals that symbolized self-confidence, strength, courage and decisiveness.

This grid really gave me a boost. Making it was already healing, but I also felt its power when I walked past it or worked on my altar for a while.

And so you can make a grid with every intention (attracting a new home or job, promoting qualities in yourself, healing or letting go) to strengthen that on which you set your intention.

Personal grid

You can also place a grid on your person or on someone else’s. For personal healing, for example. Then you can think of crystals that are tailored to the person and their needs, which you can place around the person as well as on the person. There are countless ways to do this but as with anything; follow your feelings.

As an example; a lady suffers from heartbreak and therefore struggles with insecurity, lack of sleep and a low energy level. As for crystals, you can choose Rose Quartz or another ‘love stone’ to promote self-love, Carnelian to calm the emotions, Celestine to ensure calmness of mind and good night’s sleep and a Jasper strain to energize the energy. to raise the level again.

If the person is lying down, place the crystals on the areas that feel good. Also discuss this with the person in question and dare to try things out. You can see how it feels for her to put the Rose Quartz on the heart, the Carnelian on the belly, Jasper at the feet and Celestine at the head. Does it feel too much for that person?

Then place them (further) away from the body or opt for smaller specimens. If you feel that she needs even more healing and energy, you can strengthen your grid with Rock Crystal. Rock crystal amplifies other crystals and generally gives a ‘boost’ to the energy.

Said crystals are a fine basis for personal grids, but this is possible with all types. To help someone, or yourself, specifically with a crystal grid, you can see which crystals are more suitable for this. In Judy Hall’s Crystal Guide, for example, you can search for an overview by complaint which crystal fits. But don’t you have a guide or don’t feel like a guide? Then follow your gut feeling and dare to experiment.

Just like when placing a grid in the house, it is also nice to first clean the person and the room in which you work with, for example, sage so that you start your grid ‘fresh’.

And especially; lots of fun!

With the above information you have a good guide to actively working with your crystals . Of course they also just look beautiful, and do their job, in your windowsill or on your bedside table, but actively working with crystals enriches your world and gives you the opportunity to manifest powerfully.

As soon as you notice (as I have experienced it myself) that love flows more powerfully after you put an even more beautiful stone in the love corner or that you have never gone broke since using Citrine for abundance then you really start to have fun with it .

And that, as far as I’m concerned, applies to all magical pursuits; have fun. Make it even more fun for yourself in your home and your life and get to work with your crystals. And especially; have a lot of fun!


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