Working with your soul desire in 3 steps

Working with your soul desire in 3 steps

What you encounter in the outside world is actually a mirror of what lives inside you. Songs, texts, and images help you find the way to the desire of your soul. Recognition creates awareness so that you can start working with it and act on it.

Your soul is always making itself known to you. Via a song that you absolutely love, via a quote or text that touches you, via images that make something elusive visible. This hides your own underlying desires and answers, which ensures recognition. These come from your unconscious self into your consciousness in this way, so that you can start working with them and act on them. Often our limiting patterns come into action, which ensures that we do not give space to our desires. With the following 3 steps, you will find support in yourself and you can get started with the desire of your soul.

Step 1: Own wisdom gives strength

Working with your soul desire in 3 steps

It makes sense to pay attention to this if you are out of touch with yourself and do not understand why you keep encountering the same situations in the outside world. Or if you are no longer sure of your direction or path. Through the recognition, you gain access to your own wisdom. You can make adjustments based on your new insights. That gives you energy, strength, and perseverance that you do not derive from something outside yourself, but come completely from within.

Step 2: Working on awareness yourself

It is also something you can actively work with. By making a drawing or collage, for example, based on a theme that interests you. By studying and consciously listening to that special song and lyrics. By writing or composing yourself and thus giving words to what lives in you. Be creative! This is how your soul can best express itself. Let go of the feeling of the result (it has to be beautiful, represent something, etc.). You do this for yourself. Just let it happen.

It also helps to make your obstacles visible, for example by writing down 3 limiting thoughts. Set against that also 3 broadenings, confirming thoughts. This way you will automatically see a list of 2 voices that live within your life: the positive voice of trust and the judgmental voice of fear.

Step 3: Discover the red line

If you do this for a while, at some point you will discover a red line. Often there are recurring elements, certain things make you very happy. Just think of certain activities or shapes or colors. You can get groceries from your own creations and they will give you the support you need to persevere. That way you will automatically end up on your own track. Sometimes that red line turns out to go all the way back to your childhood. You can start to see that the desire was already there in the past, perhaps in a different form than it is now.

During this voyage of discovery, your pitfalls travel with you and are always shown in a different disguise. There is also a red line here. Often it hides the same fear or touches on the same theme. That is why it makes sense not only to work with your desire but also to include your patterns in it. If you are aware of that which keeps you doubting, you can break it.

Working with your soul desire in 3 steps

And repeat…

Once you have started the process of becoming aware, you will find that it never stops. Every time you discover something, there is something new to become aware of. In this way, you gradually become more aware and more complete. You will gain insight into your (stubborn) patterns and you will also notice that your desires present themselves again and again. And that’s great, because the better you get to know yourself, the faster you recognize your obstacles and needs. That is the key because then you can choose again in the moment to give space to what you really want.


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