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You and Your Crystalline Body- Life on the New Earth

This information has come through through Archangel Michael in order to help you better understand how the New Multidimensional Crystalline Body functions and to help you establish and maintain the crucial balance between Energy and Form that is so essential at the moment.

to enforce. In this article we will discuss the term Spiritual/Endocrine and its role in balancing the energy in the body.

In the second article , we will discuss the ‘Emotional/Spiritual Balancing and Grounding of the Physical Body’.

Many of you have noticed how you seem to struggle with your energy levels, regularly fluctuating between a large amount of energy and extreme exhaustion. Or you are just exhausted all the time.

Or you feel that you are constantly being held back from being unable to perform the same levels of physical work as before. Or you find the daily worries very difficult. Or you may wonder why some are so affected by the energies while others don’t seem to notice.

This is because the ‘old’ three-dimensional ‘model’ of the human being operated on an energy system of seven chakras of which only two or three of the lower chakras were functional and clear, while the new energy of the ‘human angels’ works on an energy system of twelve chakras where all chakras should function and be clear.

And then the higher frequencies of the eighth and ninth chakras are passed on through the physical body of a fully awakened being.

This means that enormous amounts of energy are flowing through the bioenergetic system of an ‘Ascended Human New Earth Angel”.

The importance of balancing the bioenergetic system is crucial to the health and well-being of each individual, on the other hand, the energy will be ‘blown away’ and both physical and emotional problems will arise. But it is relatively easy to keep the system in balance when the bioenergetic of the Spiritual Endocrine System is understood.

Before questioning the system, we will just add that those who have not activated or ascended their twelve chakra system are still feeling the effects of the higher energy frequency of the Fifth Dimension. For them it feels like a kind of pressure that needs to be equalized. The energy in the ‘outside world’ seems to move TOO fast and as a result they become stressed and unable to ‘keep up”.

Ironically, it is not a matter of moving faster, but slowing down physically so that the inner frequencies can increase and thus merge with those of the outer world. The higher the inner frequencies the calmer a person becomes and the more able to open the higher states of consciousness.

The Spiritual/Endocrine System

The Pineal Gland: The Bodily Passageway for the Higher Frequencies

The passageway between the physical/gross body and the energy and light realms is the bodily Endocrine/Hormonal System. It is through this passage that light transmissions from the light body are switched to physical chemical messages that flow into the bloodstream as hormones.

These hormones regulate the energy distribution and functioning of the physical body. When the Endocrine System is overstimulated, it produces the imbalance that many people experience as they adjust to their new body and its energy flows.

The Light energy of the higher dimensions pulsing from the Galactic Center enters the body through the Pineal Gland. This small gland in the brain is the crucial passageway for receiving higher frequencies of light.

In the human angel or ascended being it is fully active and functional at all times. In the old human energy it was only used during meditations; the person ‘goes up’ to meet the higher frequencies of the guides, angels and the higher self, only to come back or ‘down’ again.

The fully activated human angel is alive at all times with this angelic/spiritual portal in fully active state. This is equivalent to being in a state of deep meditation (Theta brainwaves) during your normal waking hours.

This is why so many people feel ‘floating in space’ and ‘disoriented’ as they get used to this deep level of consciousness in everyday life. The job is to live with this higher level of consciousness and yet be grounded or grounded enough to function in a clear manner in the physical world.

Although Theta is also the level at which miracles are created and the creation of energy with the intention of manifesting takes place. So that when this habit is made, miracles can be created more easily.

At this time, many people are experiencing ‘power waves’ in their Pineal Gland. When significant electromagnetic emissions come from the Galactic Center, the Pineal Gland is electrically overloaded and overstimulated.

This can lead to overstimulation of the other Pineal Gland, the Pituitary Gland, causing problems in the energy balance of the physical body. The Epiphysis and the Pituitary Gland are in direct contact with the electromagnetic or bioenergetic ‘circuit’, as the Pituitary Gland is activated by light emissions or messages transmitted from the Epiphysis.

The Pituitary Gland: The Key to Balance

The pituitary gland is the ‘master of the pineal glands”, whose basic function is to regulate the body’s activities through the control of the hormone balance.

It works together with the Thyroid Gland in regulating the energy distribution in the body. Overstimulation of the Pituitary Gland can cause a timely overstimulation of the Thyroid Gland (and the adrenal glands at the lower levels), resulting in the production of energy waves and the feeling of being ‘hyper’.

This puts the body out of balance and if it lasts for too long it can cause overstrain of the adrenal glands or exhaustion from stress. It can also cause extreme physical exhaustion as the thyroid moves between overactivity and underactivity in an attempt to regulate the body’s energy fluctuations.

It can also cause depression and anxiety when brain chemicals such as serotonin are also out of balance. As a result, the individual may experience extreme physical and emotional symptoms as the body requests to cope with these new evolutionary energy flows that create the crystalline body as a vehicle for the higher consciousness of the human angel.

We must emphasize that the human body is an amazing self-regulating organism that is always looking for balance. In this process of bioenergetic evolution, it strives to assist you to find that balance as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy the power and energy of the new crystalline body.

The long-term benefits of this are perfect health and boundless energy. But the problem for many of you right now is, the way you live often doesn’t allow the body to undergo the adjustments it needs. So while your Pituitary gland is undergoing the constructive stimulation it is up to you to take it easy. If you don’t, the body will do it for you.

It is much better to have your body instructions to slow down. If you feel stressed or tired, rest. While you rest, your Higher Self will work to balance your Spiritual/Endocrine system to allow you to deal with these increasing incoming energetic frequency levels.

Calming the System: The Role of the Thymus Gland and ‘Breathing Through the Heart’

The best way to calm and balance the body is to work with the breath and energy of the Thymus gland, or the ‘higher heart’.

The Thymus Gland is the energy portal of the Heart Chakra, where the light or energy emissions are experienced in their Essence as Unconditional Love. The Heart Chakra is also the master chakra of the lungs, and physical breathing activates the Thymus gland and the Heart Chakra.

You will have noticed that when you are anxious you take shallow breaths or even hold your breath. This does not allow the Heart Chakra to open and it prevents balance at this level. When you are completely relaxed, as in a meditation, you take a deep breath and allow the heart energy to flow smoothly and induce the feeling of total calm and relaxation that characterizes meditation.

Thus, the way to calm your bioenergetic system and return balance to the body is a technique we call ‘Breathing Through the Heart’.

When you take a deep breath and focus on the Heart Chakra, you will flood the system with the light energy of Unconditional Love. This will rebalance the excessive electrical stimulation of the Pineal Gland and provide you with a sense of calm and peace.

The better you learn to breathe deeply and be a ‘conscious breather’, the better you will activate the function of the Thymus gland, which not only enhances the feelings of Unconditional Love, but also plays a fundamental role in physical health by support the immune system.

A Strong Body Supports a Strong Spiritual/Endocrine System

Probably the best ways to support the changes in your body are regular exercise and a good diet. A strong and healthy body is a much better vehicle for the powerful twelve chakra energies than a weak and tired body.

In fact, you will not be able to support the demands of the new energy weight on your body unless you build physical strength. For the crystalline body of the New Earth is a strong and healthy body.

It is designed to move and be active. It likes fresh air and outdoor activities. The more time you spend outdoors, breathing deeply while you walk or participate in other physical activity, the more your body will be supported in regulating and balancing your new crystalline bioenergetic system as you go through the evolutionary shift.

When the balance is established you will feel calm, peaceful and powerful. You will be able to use the twelve chakra system and perform the miracles you desire in your life.

So you will understand why it is so important to support your body in this transition as it ‘charges’ and ‘activates’ your Spiritual Endocrine System. It will be easier to find balance if you work together and allow the process to slow down and work consciously to create balance in your life.

Feeling balanced and in harmony on both the inner and outer levels should be your goal as you move toward full use of your beautiful Crystalline New Earth Body.


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