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You are always more than good enough

There I was, in my early twenties, sobbing along to Alanis Morisette’s That I would be good. If only I was good enough, even with my sensitivity. Even if maybe I got busy with the people around me. Even if the world just got too much for me. Even if everyone around me thought everything about me. Because I felt that every day that they thought so. I chatted too much.
I looked through them too much. I was ‘different’. I’ve believed that for far too long. And even now I can still feel it when I hear the song. But I’m not that girl anymore. Luckily not.

I’m always good enough

Fast forward to almost twenty years later. Every day I write in my journal : ‘I am always more than good enough.’ And the best thing: They are no longer empty words. Not an affirmation that I say, but that the voices in my head interfere hard against. Even if I can’t be myself completely due to circumstances (No, no matter what people say: If I were always 100% myself, it wouldn’t make it more fun in certain social situations, so I sometimes hold back), I still consider myself more than okay. Because the fact that I am not the same, or have the same opinions as anyone else, says nothing about my worth.

the way here

The road to accepting yourself is often a bit bumpy and you go through trial and error. Even now I’m still briefly insecure, but I can quickly get back to feeling okay. That I don’t have to justify or change myself. But it took me almost thirty years to do that (until I was ten I liked myself quite a bit). If you are a bit out of touch with society, it is often so ingrained in you that it is not easy to brush away. And then I was lucky enough to grow up with loving, supportive parents, but how often is even that missing?

Choose again every day

Every day I now choose to consider myself more than good enough. Every day I choose to step into the world as myself. To smile at the people around me, because that’s just how I am. To be nice to the people around me. To set out inspired actions from my heart for my company and to be myself in it. Every day I choose my beautiful life. Of course I sometimes get out of hand, or I don’t have my day, but now I can look at it later with compassion and also say sorry to who I hit.

Find your fans

If you are (almost) always yourself. If you dare to really show yourself. If you dare to step out of your cocoon and spread your wings, you will find your fans. The people who take the time to see who you really are. The people who like you, just the way you are. But it starts with you. As long as you hide, no one can see who exactly you are. And if they don’t see you, they can’t love you either. So show yourself, share your truth, share your uniqueness. And consider yourself more than good enough, every day. Then the real friends will come, then your new ‘tribe’ will come naturally.

You are ALWAYS more than good enough. And the best part: You always were, only you didn’t see it yet.


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