You are magnetic – about synchronicity and signs

You are magnetic – about synchronicity and signs
Do you often see double numbers and do you sometimes happen to see the bird you were just talking about? Do you encounter coincidences that make your hair stand on end? This article mentions this poetic consciousness: a state in which you experience more and more synchronicity, and in which you are in deep connection with the world around you.

The world around you will be a reflection of the changes you are making or need to make. You can feel the hairs that stand on end when synchronicity strikes. You feel that the universe has just spoken to you personally. Something comes from behind the curtains of your everyday perception and gives you a nod of approval, a secret handshake, or alternatively, it pulls the rug out from under your feet.

Waking up to synchronicity is more than just getting messages through

It is also about developing a poetic consciousness that allows you to taste and touch everything that rhymes and resonates in the world you live in. It’s about the ways the world behind the world reveals itself by fluttering the veils of your consensual consciousness.

As you come to see the world around you as a living forest of symbols, your creative imagination will grow as you expand your awareness of everything you perceive. You will open to oracles speaking to you through the wind through the trees, through the randomly picked up snippet of a conversation, through the seamless coincidence of an unexpected email with something you just said or were about to do.

This is the way of natural magic, and if you follow it, you will find yourself breaking past self-limitations and stepping into a greater life.

You are magnetic – about synchronicity and signs


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