You are worth it

You are worth it

Often enough we don’t see what we are worth. Then in our head, we are more concerned with telling ourselves how things should be different or what is wrong with us. Is it the perfectionist in us? Are we afraid of failure? Does it depend on the outside world and how we look at ourselves? Or have we just gotten a really bad belief system about ourselves over the years?

Thoughts can soon fool you and quickly create a story that is not based on truth. The ego likes to take over and tell us for a while how things should or should not be, and how we should or should not feel. Why we may or may not say certain things. But are those our real feelings?

If you look deep into your heart, you know it’s different. Then you know that you are good the way you are, but you can quickly fall back into the old thinking pattern of ‘not good enough. Why do we never consider ourselves good enough? And why do we always make things so unnecessarily difficult for ourselves? What is the motivation that keeps everything going like this? And why not just allow ourselves the happiness of just being there and accepting ourselves as we are?

The inner critic

You are worth it

It’s like sometimes there’s a little devil in your head telling you one thing and an angel telling you another. But in some cases, the devil shouts out the angel. The devil in this case is the ego which all too often appeals to you and the angel is your heart, which we all too often forget to follow.

Thanks to our society and the expectations we create, there is a striving mentality, which we all want to live up to. And because of that, one wants to be better than the other. This is often not even conscious. We’ve been taught to do well in school and get good grades, which can quickly make you undervalued if you don’t live up to those expectations.

But what exactly are these expectations? Are these based on truth? After all, isn’t it about everyone developing his or her talents in his or her own way and at his or her pace? This is important to get the best out of yourself and to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. With this, you can inspire other people to also get the best out of themselves, without the mentality to be better than the other.

What is ‘better than anyone or anything, if we are all part of the bigger picture? Everyone has his or her talents, with which they can create something beautiful. Everyone also has the ability to just be themselves and do whatever their heart desires. Everyone has the opportunity to live from his or her heart, but we often don’t do it or we don’t dare. And in some cases, we don’t know how to do it.

Do you dare to speak out

Value also has to do with daring to express yourself. Saying what’s on your mind, so you can be yourself completely. Out of love for yourself. Because you can also be heard. Be heard in what you have to say and what your opinion is. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by other people’s opinions. Your opinion is also valuable. It doesn’t have to be that someone does something with it, that person can decide for themselves.

You are worth it

But you are free to tell us what is bothering you or what you feel because your opinion is of value to yourself and perhaps also to someone else. Another can learn from it and another can get to know you and your needs better. They can respond better to that if you dare to show your true self. If you don’t make yourself smaller than necessary, and just let yourself be there.

Stop avoiding certain confrontations because you are afraid of not being accepted: so that you no longer reject yourself. You can put yourself first and you can really be heard. You may have made yourself too small for far too long. But if you want to step into your worth again, you will also be allowed to stand up for yourself. In love for yourself.

If you don’t make yourself smaller than necessary, and just let yourself be there.

You are worth it

It is important that you start to see your value. That you will realize what you stand for in life and that you actually have something to add to your own life and that of someone else, by trusting yourself. But the most important thing is that you start to see your value for yourself and not for anyone else.

Someone else has nothing to do with it because it’s about your self-esteem. If your self-esteem is there and allowed to be, you will have a different life. Then you think differently about life and about yourself. Then you are willing to get the best out of yourself and let go of the inner critic because you know that everything you do is good. Then you never doubt yourself and by trusting yourself you are able to create the most beautiful creations.

You are worth it

Live from your heart

You live from your heart and don’t care about what anyone else says. You also dare to say everything you stand for and you just dare to be yourself. You no longer care about what others think about what you do or don’t do in life, and whether or not you have achieved your goals. It’s about enjoying everything you do and leaving it at that. It’s about estimating your worth and praising yourself to heaven because you are worth it.

It’s about finding yourself valuable enough to speak out about the things that matter to you. It’s about being worthy of creating and getting anything you want because you are worthy of receiving. Regardless of what anyone else thinks or regardless of what your ego tells you.

The ego likes to keep you small and tells you what you deserve and what you don’t deserve. But what if I tell you that you deserve everything your heart desires if you only believe in it yourself. As long as you throw all old expectations of yourself overboard and put yourself first. You will speak out where it is necessary and stand up for yourself when necessary. Let yourself be completely there because you are good just the way you are. Because You’re Worth It.


  • I’m worth being loved
  • I am worth receiving
  • I’m worth being myself
  • I’m worth being happy
  • I’m worth following my heart
  • I am worth experiencing unconditional love
  • I’m worth it

“ There will always be someone who can’t see your worth.
Don’t let it be you
 ” Mel Robbins



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