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You came here to lead people out of the dark, not to suffer


Now that there is so much going on in the world, you can sometimes lose yourself in the dark, in fear, sadness, or anger. The darkness around you can sometimes suddenly overwhelm you and temporarily pull you into the depths. So deep that you can hardly see the lights around you anymore.

It happens to me occasionally too. Worrying thoughts take over and (for a moment) I lose all confidence that everything will be okay. I used to be very angry with myself. This didn’t belong to me, that was never possible! That dark didn’t suit me. So I fought against it, or tried to artificially pull myself out of it. Sometimes it worked, temporarily, but was it really gone, or had I just suppressed it?

The dark may be there

What has helped me is just acknowledging the dark. It may be there. In this world, darkness is part of it, at least for most of us now. It’s a side that may also be there. And the harder we deny and suppress it, the more the darkness around us shows itself.

The dark wants to be seen, to be looked at with compassion and love, so that it can transform. If we don’t shine a light on it, by looking at it, it only gets louder for attention. So watch it. Give it attention and light and love, keep space for it, so that, like a child with a tantrum, it can eventually calm down and play sweetly again.

What you need is inside you

If the dark becomes too much for you, stay close to yourself. Because everything you need to give it a place, everything you need to come back to your light, is already within you. Go into nature, see that nature just takes its course. Feel the sun on your skin, or the wind in your hair, the rain on your nose, and enjoy.

Know that all is well, no matter what it looks like and that this too will pass. It always helps me enormously to say to myself again and again: Everything is fine. And where better to see that than in nature, among the greenery, listening to the birdsong and the rustling of the wind in the trees?

You came here to lead

Recently, when I didn’t know how the world could ever turn out right, a question came to my mind: Did I come here to suffer? I was told an unequivocal “NO”. When I later wanted to share something about it, it was added jokingly: “Well with a short egg by the way.” So I’m here to lead, however exciting or pretentious that may seem.

And I think with me many light bringers who now walk the earth. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely one of them. The leaders will be needed in the near future. That is why it is so important that we now take very good care of ourselves. That we stay close to ourselves. That we make room to solve things and to grow. That we unleash our light.So that we will soon be ready for the task that awaits us.


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