You can learn nothing: discover how relaxed rest is

You can learn nothing: discover how relaxed rest is
‘Living less rushed’ is at the top of the wish list for many. But how do you create those blissful zen moments? This article  shares 4 ways to do nothing in . “Be relaxed: it is never finished!”

Give yourself a journey and start with small steps from desire.

It starts with experiencing

The directions I give you to create more peace in your agenda all have to do with experience. Because research shows that what you actually experience is best left in your memory. The sage Confucius once put it this way: ‘ Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I will remember. Involve me, I will understand. 

4 ways to do nothing


1. Encourage each other

Alone you go faster, but together you go further. Realize that if you want to learn to rest, it is best to do so together. Only together can we learn to rest well. You need encouragement from others who are running into the same thing. Give each other permission to hold back.

I remember a business associate who hired me for an event. I had had a tough time and at the start of the day she took me aside for a moment: ‘You have permission to give 80 percent of yourself… be gentle with yourself,’ she spoke to me. That touched me deeply. I felt so at ease that this day automatically became a top day, also in terms of performance. Because if you don’t have to perform at your best, you can start loving. That’s what we’re meant for.

2. Give yourself a trip

Do you also have a to-do list that should have been completed yesterday? And are you always running behind things? There are still some beautiful things that you really want to do. But once you’re sitting with your legs up, you’re so tired that not much comes of it.

Give yourself a journey and start with small steps from desire. A reflection question per day can help you with this. The answer can change your whole perspective. When I recently thought about and described my most precious moment of the day, I felt warm inside. An organization brought apples for charity.

Definitely not profitable, and not at all performance-oriented, but they gave color to my day. If I wanted more of that now, how do I give it space in my agenda? When I’m traveling in my life, I want to pay more attention to those little turn signals that throw my way. Then you will discover the most beautiful views!

3. Give your brain a reminder

You can learn nothing: discover how relaxed rest is

How many times a day do you check your to-do list or think about what still needs to be done? Correct! We often spend a lot of brain power to remind ourselves of what still needs to be solved. Wouldn’t it be nice if you remind your brain at least as often that you can take a break?

4. Dare to be unfinished

Dare to be unfinished. The fact that everything has to be ‘finished’ all the time makes us slave drivers to ourselves. Be relaxed: it’s never finished! Think of life as a game that goes on and on. You don’t want a game to be ‘finished’, do you? Sometimes we take ourselves very seriously when it comes to our to-do list. If you’re taking it so seriously, then take rest a little more seriously…




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