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You give an energy reading like this


In principle, anyone can read energy fields. Of course: some people have more talent for it than others, and you only get good if you make a lot of flying hours. But other than that it is mainly a matter of trust. How do you give an energy reading? Follow the crash course below!

In an energy reading you communicate with the higher consciousness of another. You name the information that is already there, but has not yet descended into the body and daily consciousness. You tune in to different energetic layers, allowing you to give a ‘higher’, ‘wider’ and ‘deeper’ perspective on situations. You switch, as it were, between personal and soul levels, and thus the process of becoming aware is accelerated. With the help of the following steps and a friend you can get started. (And here you can read about the foundations of energetic perception.)

1. An energy reading starts with feeling yourself

Start meditating and feeling yourself. Reading energy requires attunement to your own mood and depth, and being close to yourself, in the first place. Connect with the earth and your belly (so that your message is embodied), your heart (so that the information is loving), and your throat (so that your words are clear). You don’t just want to pass on images, but information that the other can also hear and allow, because the resonance can be felt.

2. Your attitude is neutral

During an energy reading you are mainly concerned with receiving: you let the energy of the other come to you and translate it into words, feelings and images. You remain neutral: the information comes from the higher consciousness of the other and you have no judgment about it. You only share what you perceive. You don’t want to broadcast your own energy or give advice, that’s projection. But of course: you always add your personal color to the story. Every reader gives a different kind of reading.

3. Create a sacred space

You prefer to read energy in a sacred space. Before you start, you ‘set’ the energy. You can do it with the help of an ‘invocation’, where you call on all kinds of auxiliary troops: the cardinals, escorts, guides (yours and your client), ancestors, Mother Earth and Father Heaven. I then say that I want to be a pure channel, and I set an intention for the session: that I am attuned to who the other person is and what he or she needs, and that healing and transformation of consciousness is taking place. You can feel the energy in the room change; he becomes filled with light, softness and presence.

4. Open up and connect

Then you make contact with the energy field of the other. And that can be done before the client arrives. You expand your aura, as it were, and envelope the other with it. For me, an energy reading usually starts with a feeling. I begin to describe the energy; what’s the quality? Is it heavy or light, tight or fluid, high or low, deep or shallow? By giving words to energy, naming everything you encounter, it can start to flow. He feels, as it were, seen, and as a result shows himself more and more.

5. Start with your preferred channel

Everyone has their own preferred channel: seeing, hearing, feeling, or knowing. There’s no point in focusing on images if you’re more of a feeler. If you feel most of all, start there. You will see that over time your way of processing information expands, and that you can quickly switch between the different channels; you feel the energy quality, get a picture of it, hear words and know.

While reading auras , you are constantly surprised by what you get. There appears to be an enormous creativity that transcends your daily mental insight. If images are so captivating that you couldn’t have imagined them yourself, you’re in the right place.

6. Focus your attention

There are different ways to give an energy reading. You can answer specific questions from the other person, or systematically go through all the chakras and experience what lives there. Knowledge of the chakras and the associated themes is then of course necessary. Or you can read energy on the basis of, for example, a tarot card, or a landscape. They are all shapes you can use; tools or structures through which the information unfolds. The most important thing is that you focus your intention and attention. You zoom in and open yourself up to everything that presents itself. Energy follows intention.

7. Trust

Especially in the beginning you will wonder what you are doing. You say everything, and you don’t know if it’s true. Reading energy is really a leap of faith, especially if you don’t know the person in question. To check whether you are in the right place, you can ask questions in between: do you recognize that? Is that clear? Do you have questions about this? That helps to keep the energy moving; when you know you’re in the right place, your confidence grows.

8. Ask questions

Sometimes a reading gets stuck, and then you can get it moving again in various ways. By asking questions to the field, for example, or fast-forwarding the image a bit. You can be creative with energy. Think of it as a living being that wants to be invited to communicate.


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