You play a role that doesn’t suit you, for how long?

How long will you continue to participate in this theater? I ask. She is 27 years old. She’s been tired for a few years now. Recently, research has shown that her thyroid gland is working too slowly. Through her GP she received medication that improved the thyroid function in the blood. However, she is not feeling much better yet. When questioned further, it appears that she has been in a job for 8 years that she is very good at, but which she is absolutely not enjoying. She actually wants something completely different…

How long will you continue to play this role?

How long will you continue to play this role? The role that you have made yourself your own. Possibly on the advice and approval of others. A role you’ve gotten damn good at. Where you may be seen. Get recognition and appreciation. Many people have been taking place for years in a play that actually does not suit them. They quietly hope that the story will change. That other fellow players come their way and that a different audience comes to watch that sooner or later will appreciate them for the person they really are. Not realizing that this is the current reality. That every day that they still participate in this theater, they mainly attract people who are interested in the play that can be seen here. Co-stars, producers, directors, audience… You are surrounded by people who are entertained, recognize and feel good about the story being told here. As long as you continue to play your part in this theatre, nothing will change.

Leaving the theater

So you will be allowed to stand. Leaving the stage. Or better yet: you can leave the theater. Step out through the door. Let it close behind you and then come into the open space where you don’t know where to go. And that can be pretty exciting. Uncertain. Or lonely. And that you decide to stage your own play. Not sure yet if it will be appreciated. But that you’re going to take a seat on your podium. There you can see what is right and right for a role


Even when other people disagree with you. And that you will slowly discover that people will come to you who want to play along, who want to participate, in your theater, in your story. You slowly start to feel surrounded by people who feed you instead of draining you.And that the doors of the theater are open. That the people who are attracted to it are welcome. May take a seat. But above all, be free to leave again. That when they can’t appreciate it, feel resistance or, above all, continue to comment; that you are only too happy to see them leave again and give them the opportunity to continue on their own path. So that another chair becomes available for someone who can appreciate your story. You can support. inspire. Motivate. So that the audience gradually becomes part of the story and an energy is created in the theater that manages to bring each other to an unprecedented level, which you never knew existed before.

Do what feels right for you

How do you think you’re going to feel if you continue to play a role day in and day out, year after year, with people around you who don’t really fit you? Will it cost you more or less energy? Could it be that your thyroid says after all these years; “Please, I can’t anymore…” Could it be?

Do you realize that by correcting with medication, you give yourself energy to keep up this role? While this role is not right for you? The blood values ​​may improve, but you yourself are getting sicker and more tired?  Your body is smarter than your head. Learn to guide yourself in the difficulty you will feel when you stop this role. When you close the doors of this theater behind you and you start writing your own story. And finally you can start doing what really feels right and right for you.



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