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You were born for a Great spiritual task

Many Lightworkers dream big. We see possibilities for ourselves and for the world that other people would call ‘unrealistic’. A word with which they are of course absolutely right. Because maybe you, like me, dream of a society based on love and respect.
Or of a sustainable world, where we live in peace and harmony with the earth and its inhabitants.

These dreams are absolutely unrealistic: they have little to do with current reality. And that’s a good thing. Because realistic? The current reality on Earth is not that bright. It’s high time for a change!

Your dreams are focused on the future

The dreams you dream as a lightworker, the deep desires you feel? Your desires and dreams are a vision for the future. And not just any future. They are focused on a future that is new . Substantially different from the world you and I currently live in.

For today’s society based on ego, fear and power is finite. And by that I mean that the world is ready for change. As a human collective, we have gone deep enough. We can go back up to a life of love and light. It is time for a society and economy that are run from the heart.

Dreaming of Enlightenment

From here and now the world may Enlighten. And the dreams that we as Lightworkers are so bouncing about are wonderful prospects for a world that is already Lighter. They are ideas that are given to us by our souls and spirit guides.

Our souls and spirit guides know why we are on Earth now. And really, we’re not here to waste our time. Or to wait until it finally gets Lighter. We have come here to participate actively and vividly in the manifestation of a New Golden Age.

The New Age does not happen to us

The New Era to which we as humanity are moving is not an era that spontaneously falls upon us. Such as: one morning we wake up and there is Love and Light again.

Rather, it is an era waiting for us. All parts are there. Like the different blocks in a Lego package. Or the shelves, screws and nuts for a beautiful cabinet from Ikea. Everything is there. But it still needs to be put together. Even the tools are included. So that we only have to look closely at the accompanying user manual. Just do what it says.

We have to do something with our inspiration

But the catch here is: we have to do it! Because the inspiration you and I receive is actually like an instruction with the kit. We as humans have long since lost the overview. While our soul and spirit guides still have a full view of the Whole.

They know us, our mission and also our challenges and pain. They also see the collective. Including the collective pain and the total Grid of Light. And, an important detail, this higher, lighter part of us also knows what we as souls have agreed to contribute to the Whole.

NTK Magazine Lightworker Great New Age

Your mission is an essential part

Just as you cannot complete a closet completely if you are missing a number of essential screws and nuts, the Cosmic Plan also works more difficult when a large number of Lightworkers are not at the agreed place. Of course there is always a plan B and even a plan C or beyond. The Cosmic Plan is not easy to catch.

But in short, the Cosmic Plan runs most optimally when you and I as Lightworkers do what we have signed up for. Because you are simply the most suitable soul and person for your spiritual task.

The Cosmic Plan is perfectly aligned

The overall plan for the Enlightenment of Earth and humanity is perfectly aligned. You and I fall together like puzzle pieces and make something beautiful out of it together. For example, my light codes initiate an Enlightenment among Lightworkers who are seeking their spiritual mission. And this ensures that you as a Lightworker come to the right place. My job is a great job. Which for me as a person just feels very good and light.

You and your Light Codes also have such a great task. A mission that makes you feel deeply happy and complete as a person.

Your spiritual task is great

The greatness of your task is also the very reason that your dreams and desires extend beyond what is ‘realistic’. Because you didn’t come here to keep yourself and life small. You have come here to contribute to a great change.

And let those last words sink deep into your subconscious. Do you feel that little jump in your heart? That intensely deep joy? The feeling of recognition and recognition?

It feels so good to live big again

The feeling that you as a Lightworker are really here to contribute to a new and great world. There’s really nothing that can beat that. Because it means two things. First of all: the New World is going to be magical, loving and light! Secondly, your life and the role you are allowed to play will also become a major role. Beyond your wildest dreams.

Not great, from our ego point of view. In the sense of ‘more important than the rest’. But great, from your heart and soul. You feel yourself connected to all that lives. And you just know that you matter. That you are of service, out of love. Because the world and the whole universe are more beautiful and richer now that you as a soul and as a person see and take up your share.

NTK Magazine Lightworker Great New Age

You can also contribute as a person

Once you feel and know that you can contribute to a New World and a New Golden Age, something opens up in you. A new, deeper layer that is connected to the mission of your soul. Even if you don’t immediately know how to do this practically now.

This opening is your first step. From this insight, all your consciousness is simply heightened immediately.

If you then also make a conscious choice as a human being to take that which has been opened seriously, you increase the magic . A momentum arises, from your heart and soul. The right people and circumstances are led to you. Your energy becomes magically attractive, for everything that can help you as a human being to find and take your place in the Network of Light.

Your big dreams come true

And chances are, it won’t be long after that before some of your dreams become reality. Not only for yourself, but also for the world around you. People or circumstances that you attract, where you know: this is correct. It’s beautiful and magical. And contributes to a world that is controlled from Love. It’s wonderfully unrealistic. Because it brings me to a New reality.

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