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Your awareness process: how to deal with inner resistance?

Inner resistances such as fear and uncertainty can hinder your awareness process. The unknown presents itself and you intuitively feel that you are going on a journey of discovery. Exciting, you don’t know what you will encounter on your way.

To what extent do you resist your inner growth? Out of fear of pain, sadness or insecurity? The extent to which we are able to let go of this resistance partly determines how our process proceeds.

Collective transformation

We grow as humanity from fear and control to love and trust. What is hidden deep within us comes to the surface. Both our potential, but also old pain and sorrow. For some this happens gradually, for others accumulated emotions and experiences are pushed upwards with great force.

This comes with such intensity that some wonder how much longer they can last on this planet. Hoe hou je jezelf overeind? Het is een proces dat geduld, vertrouwen en ook moed vergt.

inner fight

Your inner core, your Higher Self, is now ready to grow. Your evolution has arrived. Often this causes an internal fight. A battle between our ‘earthly self’ (ego) and our Higher Self. Who remembers “The Hulk”? The character from the 1980s TV series of the same name who could transform from mere mortal to a green, oversized giant. When it was time for a heroic act, he tore from his clothes and grew to unprecedented size. Terrifying to watch as a child, but also fascinating.


This is also how many people experience the awakening process. Fascinating, because you are going to experience a greater reality. A reality that goes beyond the physical reality. But sometimes also difficult and frightening because it is different. And above all, you have no idea where this process leads.

We read about our soul destiny, but few know at a soul level what this destiny will look like on the earth plane. It has consequences in the field of relationships, our work, contacts with family, etc. Our fixed anchor points suddenly appear not so fixed anymore.

It makes sense that this makes us anxious and insecure. The physical part of us likes clarity, structure and some degree of predictability. Our non-physical part goes beyond all these limitations.

Letting go of old ballast

A common sign that it’s time to grow is that you’re not feeling well. You suffer from gloomy moods, fears, stress, burnout or other (physical) complaints. I also often hear from people that they “just don’t know anymore”. A vague description, but many will recognize this.
You feel that a change of course is coming, but you have no idea how to tune in to this.

Higher Self

The fact that you are not feeling well is a signal from your Higher Self. In this way, the universe prompts you to let go. Through our Higher Self we get a push. We experience situations that bring up (old) fears, pain and patterns. And hidden memories come to the surface. Memories of difficult and painful situations, often from long ago.

Pain makes room for inner peace

In order to grow, it is necessary to leave behind fears, old pain and patterns. Your “earthly self” probably resists this. Because letting go can be difficult and painful. We lose something, but we don’t know what will replace it. Our strength, confidence and our light is not yet clearly felt.
You have come to regard your patterns, fears and beliefs as part of you, they have been part of you since you were little. This gives us the illusion that we know ourselves. This provides guidance and security.

What if this falls away? What then is left of us? Do we still know ourselves? And what to do with the space that is created? Our ballast gives us the opportunity not to have to take our responsibility. For our painful experiences justify the position we are in now. Our ‘earthly self’ likes to use our past as an excuse not to grow. I personally had a fear of the emptiness. Not knowing that the space created by letting go would make way for infinitely beautiful experiences and insights.

The place where the pain used to be is filled with something beautiful: a new insight or a positive change. The inner growth process gives inner peace and makes you less vulnerable to the outside world. Your resilience increases.

How to let go?

The way and pace of letting go are different for everyone. To really let go, you must first let go. And we often experience resistance there. Feeling pain is anything but pleasant. It’s raw, at least that’s how we think it will be.
Yet I experience that admitting pain on an energetic level is intense, but also has a certain softness.

When you make contact with your pain on a soul level, you come into contact with the deepest layer of your pain. Despite the intensity, it feels like a catharsis: a cleansing of your soul. You experience relief because you no longer carry this burden in your system.
Consciously make time for feeling your pain. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and let your sadness in. Let your tears run wild. Music or a precious object can provide guidance. And ask the energies (guides, angels) to assist you in your grief.

Fear creates resistance

Letting go of fears makes your awareness process run more smoothly. Fear creates resistance, which slows down your process. Fear of feeling, fear of existence, fear of separation. By looking at your fear on a deeper level, you understand where it comes from. And you can let it go.
Some people have a fear of growing. If you cannot (yet) let go of your resistance to growth, then accept it. Otherwise you will resist that too. And resistance makes everything more difficult: “What you resist persists”.


Anger can also slow down your process considerably. Often it is about what someone has done to us. I regularly experience that (highly sensitive) people have difficulty with anger. Because they actually don’t feel it or because they are not aware of their own limits. Or because they have a negative association with this emotion. Anger doesn’t feel good, it shouldn’t be there.

Yet it is an important emotion. It helps you to become more aware of who you are. By allowing anger, you can use it to transform. Anger is a powerful energy that helps us get moving, a catalyst. It helps us to guard our boundaries and thereby choose for ourselves. When you feel angry about a situation, take the time to do it. Stop for a moment and become aware of your thoughts and your physical feelings.

Can you feel it bubbling somewhere? Is your anger palpable in the form of an energy? Consciously focus your attention on it so that the feeling can grow. By allowing it, you can also let it go. Initially physically, for example by hitting a punching bag or a pillow. As you progress in your process, this is less necessary and you will be able to let go of the anger if you decide to do so.

Give yourself time

Impatience can also get in the way of our growth. It is in human nature to want to be beyond the point where we are. And when we also compare ourselves with others and their process, it becomes very difficult.

Try to find acceptance at the pace of your process. And to become aware of your inner blocks that are holding it back. What are your beliefs? I regularly hear from clients that they think they should have “should” have gone further. What is this based on? And can we actually find something about that?

Be proud of what you have already achieved!

The fact that you dare to look at yourself and be more aware is already an achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it! Look at the road you have already traveled and the wisdom you have gained. And be proud of that. The rest of your path will reveal itself in time. Step-by-step.

The ancient spiritual wisdom “It’s about your journey, not the destination” is certainly true. Try to enjoy your journey despite your resistance.


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