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Your awareness process: peaks and throughs. How do you deal with this?

The path of awareness is accompanied by beautiful insights and from time to time a valley. Little words sometimes make us despondent: do I have another lesson to learn?

I still remember the moment when I fully realized the situation we are in: it was in an open-air museum, where you went back to the time of the fifties. Life back then was orderly, simple and your world was as big as your village. While in the past people were satisfied with the day-to-day business, we feel an internal need for growth.

Often propelled by the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves. It is therefore not surprising that we experience our consciousness process as heavy from time to time. The difference in transformation from now to earlier times is enormous.
How do you find a way in here?

Setbacks: turn inward

A well-known fact: “adversity makes you grow”. True, but speaking for myself, I have not welcomed every adversity in my life with gratitude. I felt on a deeper level that the setbacks had a function, but I also regularly sensed resistance in myself. I had the idea that I had already worked out the theme that presented itself and thought it was enough.

At other times, I was happy that life was finally running a little more smoothly, with no obstacles. Then I mainly wanted to keep going, without complicated processes.
But as with many, my earthly needs and my spiritual process were not always in sync and I encountered an “obstacle” in the form of a difficult contact with someone else or an undesirable situation. Lessons had to be learned.Our subconscious is many times wiser than our mind.

Even though we think we have already learned certain lessons, the fact that they are presenting themselves proves otherwise. Sometimes it takes a while before we (want to) learn a lesson. At least that applies to me! Afterwards I was always happy with the lesson that came my way.

Letting go of resistance: a matter of practice

Our thoughts and resistance about our difficult situation make it more difficult. Turning inward and allowing the feelings the situation provokes is the shortest route to progression. As tempting as it is to “park” a problem or get angry about it, it won’t go away. And afterwards, the problem often turns out to be easier to digest than you thought beforehand.

Our subconscious and the associated energetic system is so much wiser than we are consciously aware. The further you get on the path of awareness, the more you learn to trust your subconscious. And the less you fight this. Over time , your confidence in your process will grow.

Energetic Lethargy

Then there are the days when you “just” don’t feel good. There is no immediate cause and it is a mystery to you where your dejection comes from. Your depression is energetic in nature, your whole “being” seems to be turned off. Your drive, optimism and primal strength has disappeared on those days. Washed off in the shower, as it were. To get discouraged!

It’s part of it, it’s part of your process. When you start discovering yourself on an energetic level, clearing energies and acquiring insights, it affects your physical and mental body. All kinds of biological processes take place in your organs and in your brain. The changes in your energetic body are also being transformed in your physical body.

When you realize that these lesser days are part of it and are a sign of growth, you experience them differently. You are getting better and better at surrendering to it and not thinking out of your mind that it should be different. I have learned to slow down on these days and above all to stay close to my feeling: what do I need? Looking for company or not, listening to music, taking a bath… What I notice is that this speeds up my process.
These difficult days often lead to renewed energy, insights or ideas. It is making the soil fertile. So that something new can grow out of it.


What I recommend to clients when they start with their awareness process is to keep a diary, a notebook in which you describe your process. Write as comprehensively or concisely as you want, but write! Moments are fleeting and often forgotten. Writing it down will help you a lot. If you read back, you will see a pattern.

When you have moved mountains, gained insights about yourself and you apply these in daily life, these are transformative changes. After a “flow” there is a period in which previous processes are integrated into your system, as described above.This can make you feel despondent and impatient, so it’s nice to read back previous stages in your process and find the confidence that you will bounce back this time as well.

Watch yourself from a distance

I call this “zooming out”. You visualize yourself in the cosmos and view planet Earth from a far distance. You see yourself and the other people busy: toiling and above all fighting with yourself. That’s quite relative. We are like a bunch of ants that are very busy with….what exactly?! Is the problem you are experiencing right now really as big as it feels? Sometimes it does, but sometimes it turns out to be okay.

laugh at yourself

I am a firm believer in laughing at yourself every now and then. The path of awareness is quite tough and difficult. Life is serious business, but laughing once in a while is very healthy. For yourself or for each other!
I myself regularly had to chuckle at myself when I was presented with the same lesson again and I fell into my old pattern. Asking myself: “will I never learn?!”.

Give yourself time and have compassion

Seeing and learning your lessons takes time. Lessons present themselves in all kinds of different forms and sometimes you only realize much later that they are about the same theme. In hindsight it all makes sense, but in the day-to-day issues sometimes things slip. Give yourself the time you need for your growth. And most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone develops at their own pace. Have compassion for yourself.

broaden your view

Your awareness process_ peaks and valleysBe open to information that crosses your path. In this day and age there is an abundance of information. Books, articles and YouTube videos are constantly passing by. Be aware of what comes your way. When you read or watch it, you quickly feel whether it resonates with you.
Experience shows that certain information applies to phases in your process. You will find information about the theme you are currently struggling with. When it doesn’t resonate, it doesn’t mean the information isn’t right. You may not be ready yet. Save the article or book for a later date. You will see that in due course your eye will “suddenly” catch it.

broaden your view

When we feel that life is against us, our consciousness narrows. We then mainly see our problem and it is difficult to consider the bigger picture. To see the bigger picture, it helps to broaden our view. Both literally and figuratively. For example by going into nature. Looking for space creates space in ourselves, in our mind. Being creative also helps to get a broader view.

Our paths to awareness are very different. The commonality in all of us is our intuition. It functions as an inner compass that guides you on your own path. Listen to that, then you will understand what the function of your little valley is. And feel the confidence that better times are coming.


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