Your body as a mirror – 10 tips for a healthy balance in your energy


Do you know that work stress is occupational disease number 1 in the Netherlands? 14% of all employees report burnout complaints every year . shocking!

Many stress-related body complaints are psychosomatic. That is, despite the physical discomfort, they have no physically identifiable causes. Examples include unexplained long-lasting pain and chronic fatigue.

Consider your physical complaints as a symbol of underlying tension-related problems. For example, if you suffer from stomach complaints, ask yourself what you find difficult to digest in your daily life. Has something painful happened in your life? Something that makes you angry or sad? To what extent do you allow yourself to express those emotions?

Your body as a mirror

If you go beyond your limits, you risk losing your balance. To prevent this, your system warns you at an early stage via all kinds of signals:

– physical signs such as headaches, stomachaches, tension in the neck and shoulders;
– emotional signals such as reacting more sensitively to your environment, becoming angry more quickly or being emotionally affected more quickly;
– mental signals such as restlessness in your head and worrying a lot.

At some point, these signals penetrate your consciousness. For example, you realize that you no longer sleep well , are more irritable, that you feel exhausted, experience less pleasure, no longer feel like sex or worry a lot.
The signals warn that you are about to lose your balance.

Recognize your physical warning signs

What unpleasant body sensations do you experience? Describe exactly what you experience.
What else is going through your mind? Do you also feel emotions? And which one?
Do you feel resistance to some body sensations? Do you tend to seek distraction? What kind of distraction then?

Observe your bodily sensations – and everything associated with them – from a position of curious observer, full of acceptance and without judgment. Also accept – if applicable – your desire to seek distraction without giving in to it. Let it all be there.

Embrace your warning signs

Trust that your inner system wants to protect you from overload. The signals are not meant to bully you, but to help you. They invite you to take a step back. In the beginning, it takes a lot of willpower to pay attention to your warning signals, especially if you are used to being dragged into the grind and bustle of everyday life. But trust the added value of your signals. They are messengers with the best intentions. They want to encourage you to take better care of yourself . Be receptive to it and listen to it carefully.

A healthy balance

Balance is the key to getting and staying in a healthy balance. Listen carefully to your warning signs and keep your energy level up. Even if circumstances sometimes force you to cross a line , ensure that a healthy balance is restored in time. You can do this by strengthening your energy sources, reducing your energy guzzlers and planning regular moments of rest and relaxation.

5 tips to boost your energy sources

– Make room for a creative hobby
– Find out which tasks at work give you a lot of energy and satisfaction and find out if you can expand them
– Plan in your agenda an enjoyable activity such as a weekly yoga class, sports, dancing
– Meet people you like to be with
– Make time for yourself regularly and then do something that relaxes you, such as listening to soothing music, reading, walking

5 tips to reduce your energy guzzlers

– Turn off your mobile at fixed times
– Organize your tasks. Keep a calendar. That gives you peace and space in your head and you don’t have to worry about forgetting important things.
Make concrete agreements about the division of tasks at home or at work. And stick to that!
– Don’t take too much off your hands. Your children are often capable of much more than you think. Encourage them to do so.
– Speak out more often. Tensions are often based on misunderstandings in relationships. Those tensions consume energy. An open conversation can be very liberating.

Would you like to share below what helps you to maintain your balance?


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