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Your heart, the gateway to happiness?

From the moment your heart starts beating to the moment you exchange this earthly place for other realms, it has beaten somewhere between one and three billion times. That’s quite a bit, isn’t it? Now heart problems are quite common in the western world, but it happens even more often that people don’t have problems with their heart.

So that means, on rough averages, that most people’s hearts beat for about 82 years from a few weeks after moving into their mother’s womb. Unbelievable right?

In six weeks, the heart of the embryo has formed and will no longer change substantially. In a four-month-old fetus, the heart beats 160 times per minute, in an adult it beats about 70 times per minute. You’ve probably put your ear to a child’s heart. Perhaps that shocked you the first time, as erratically and quickly as it hit. The older we get, the calmer and more regular our heart starts to beat.

Not just physically

The heart is an immensely powerful muscle and one of the countless natural wonders that the universe and Mother Earth have created together. It’s not just that, of course, an organ the size of your fist, with chambers and atria and veins that supply your whole body with the vital blood. It is also a non-physical, energetic organ that takes on an increasing role in our mind and system.

How often in recent years have we heard statements such as: from your heart, follow your heart, etc.? There is a clear trend in which we prefer to choose the heart instead of letting the head determine what we do, how we live.

And indeed, how nice is it if we live in harmony with our most important organ? When we make choices in which the heart is known, they feel much more beating than if they are only made from the head. If we take the heart as the starting point, then we do not exclude feeling, while there is certainly room for the head, but that is not leading.

“Don’t choose with your head, but with your heart. Your mind is there to understand choices, not to make them.”

Ton van der Kroon

The American psychologist Paul Pearsall collected wonderful stories about the heart in his book ‘The memory of the heart’. It describes how the personality of dozens of people who underwent a heart transplant changed radically. For example, they got different preferences, such as a vegetarian who became a huge meat lover after his surgery and wanted to learn the Spanish language. You guessed it… his heart came from a Spaniard who had a deep love for meat.

The author’s research is based on the cell memory theory, which assumes that cells have a memory and that memories, taste, personality and other information are stored in them.

Our heart, our center

You can also see the heart as the center of our being, of our body. It is the middle of the chakras, starting from the seven best-known energy centers that are connected to our body. When you shift the focus to the heart, something essential happens: you come more in touch with your being. The luck factor suddenly comes into play. How nice!


The space in which our heart resides is much larger than just the physical heart. And the great thing is, that space can even become many times larger. You can do that yourself, by using one of the other wonderful gifts of the universe: our imagination. Not only the size of this space, but also the feeling we experience there, such as warmth, love and gratitude, have a huge influence on how we feel in daily life.

And, how nice, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In fact, it is actually very simple. And… you can start right now to get into this habit and increase your happiness so that you can enjoy your life more.

A few minutes for happiness

Start right now? Then take a few minutes and make sure you are somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. Then sit or lie down and close your eyes. Take a moment to focus your attention throughout your body. Start with the soles of your feet and slowly go up until you’ve been everywhere and you’ve involved your whole body. End in your heart, possibly put a hand on it. Just feel what it is like there now. Feel the space where your heart is. How does it make you feel? Does it feel open or not or a little? Is it hot there? Do you see a color? Everything is okay, there is no right or wrong. Observe, you don’t have to do anything else, change nothing.

If you do this after you wake up in the morning, you start your day in a very nice and conscious way. Are there times during the day when you notice that your head is racing, you are not feeling well or something else is getting in the way of a feeling of happiness, tranquility or contentment? Then stop what you were doing and do this exercise. Just the fact that you take the time to feel your heart will change something in how you feel. Trust me, doing this simple exercise for just a few minutes of your day will pay off!

The subject ‘the heart’ is something my heart really cares about 🙂 and about which I will write more about here on Nieuwetijdskind Magazine in the near future.


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