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Your Intuition (you can) train!

Listening to your intuition is the most beautiful, but sometimes the most difficult thing you can do for yourself. After a lot of training I have learned to trust my intuition. The ‘feeling’ of information you cannot see. I have found that if I listen to my intuition, many spiritual talents are useful…. But also, as soon as I don’t listen to my intuition, my spiritual talents are worthless and useless.

….In some cases it remains difficult to listen to.

no trust

I’ll explain. A few years ago, when I had no confidence at all in my knowledge, skills and talents, I often ‘knew’ what was going on with people around me. I felt that. If there was something going on or if they were trying to hide something, I sometimes called the issue. But in a tactical and careful way. But why so careful? Well, apparently I didn’t trust myself enough yet.

I almost always got a negative or defensive reaction, which made me more insecure and even less confident in myself.

What ultimately frustrated me was that a year later (sometimes even two years later) it turned out that I had been right with that person…. Fortunately, many people have told me that, like: you said that and that, I didn’t believe you, but it was true. Or: I’ve read your coaching report again (after one, two or three years) and it turns out that it really contains a lot of what has now come out.

Still to learn

wonderful…. it’s two fold. Apparently those persons were not yet ready for the information and I was not yet sufficiently sure of myself to convince them that I was ‘right’. Apparently we all had to grow in the realization of what was going on.
A great learning experience for me!

How did I train that? I’m still training! I have read many books, followed courses and done training. Everything is so much fun to do. I have also been intensively coached to discover my limiting beliefs and then turn them into useful tools. I can highly recommend that! Because that’s exactly what it is: as long as you don’t believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your values, then you have limiting beliefs about it. It’s a shame because it stops you from doing everything you can.

I have regularly thought; how much confirmation do you want now to start believing in yourself?

Train, train, train

Maybe you think: training? Why? When you’re a medium, aren’t you used to it and you just know things? Well, no, it isn’t. Surely a sportsman doesn’t finish the marathon within two hours untrained? A lot of work has gone into making this happen.

Using your talents is a matter of training and above all discovering what you can do and then using it again. It is true that one person can do certain things better than the other. Just like with singing, anyone can sing! Only for some people it is possible to do operas (which also require a lot of ‘training’). And some people are better off singing alone when they are alone.

What is also important to learn: how do you bring it? Communication!!
With some people you can be straightforward and tell ‘boom pats’ what you see, feel or know. You have to be so careful with other people, otherwise you’ll turn them completely against you. That too is a matter of feeling and training. One recipient also has a little more bond with spirituality and hunches than the other recipient.

Some people think you should let go of the past, or current issues, what has been, and you should not think about or talk about that anymore. I am more convinced; ‘Sorrow for life should not be buried, it wants to grow into insight into life’… Then your whole life is a learning experience. Nice isn’t it?!

You can train your intuition very easily with everyday things. Go by your gut feeling at the supermarket which checkout is fastest…. Don’t look at the queue that is there, but listen to your first instinct. See if it works! Once you’re on your way by car and there are different ways to get to the final destination, ask yourself which route is the best.

What comes to your mind first? Trust that! I have often experienced that I thought; well, why that route? And that afterwards it turned out that there was a traffic jam, an accident or speed traps on the most logical route.

What you can also do is, as soon as the phone rings you first ‘feel’ who that will be, see if you’re right! There are probably more things to come up with in daily life… try it out I would say! Experiment!

Recognition and Confirmation

As soon as your hunches are correct, always confirm yourself and give a compliment!! That makes it easier to feel and follow your intuition next time. You certainly also understand that when your intuition tells you something well and you dismiss it with ‘oh, coincidence’, or ‘simple’ or another condescending response to yourself, that listening to yourself remains blocked. There will be no current of course! That’s exactly the energy you need. The energy of affirmation, recognition and knowing.

Do you have additions, recognition or questions about this story? I like to read it.


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