Your role in the new era

Your role in the new era
Think of the new era of, among other things, the transition to the Aquarius era. There is an awakening going on that (via chaos) eventually leads to a new era and a drastic change in the world as we know it today. What is changing and how can that affect your life?

Time continues to speed up

The number of events follows each other faster and faster, making the chaos seem greater and time seems to go faster. Awareness is also increasing so that we notice how we can bring positive change ourselves. This seems to be accelerating in the coming years and will not go unnoticed. Speeding up also means that we can no longer plan in the old way. We are forced to live in the now and from our hearts. That takes some getting used to, but also very nice for the world!

Events help us

Old ballast is coming up, so there seems to be a lot wrong in the world because of that. But it is often failing systems and long-standing abuses that come to light and can be solved, such as in healthcare. Protests in the world indicate that the younger generation no longer wants oppression and war. It all helps to be able to let go to allow the new. If you are sensitive, it can sometimes feel like you are being mangled, pains like a kind of squeeze that leads to new birth. Letting go exercises or methods such as the MIR method help you to reduce the physical effects.

Failing systems change

Your role in the new era

Contrary to what I say in my book ‘ Who am I really? ‘ wrote, most systems will not crash completely but will adapt faster than expected. Existing power structures, in which there is abuse of power, are crumbling. There will probably be a boost to new inventions in the coming years precisely because changes are needed. The car industry is now starting to change, but this too will suddenly accelerate with the arrival of the magnetic motor. The ‘ordinary’ people will fight for (equality) equality and adjustments to the often hierarchical systems in which they work. You help this development by raising abuses at work.

You don’t have to change yourself

Taking your place vigorously with all of these changes doesn’t mean you have to change drastically. You don’t have to take a big step. You are already good just the way you are. It is about connecting with the higher in yourself that is already there; let it do the talking. Trust the process we’re in. Consider, for example, that a rigid politician can change his attitude because his wife and daughter radiate love and positive consciousness. That way you can directly influence your environment.

Look in the mirror

Your role in the new era

What helps in this time is to do gratitude exercises and take a good look in the mirror. This means, for example, that you use your anger at people or things that are happening in the world to face and resolve your own dark sides. The anger and restlessness are yours. The world is only a mirror. There’s no point in blaming others, they’re just holding up a mirror to you with the message: wake up! Change the world and start with yourself!

If you look at it like this, the mirror helps you to stay with yourself and to be calm and strong in life. Ultimately, the acceleration of time and chaos in the world will lead to more connection and unity, starting with yourself.


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