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Your thoughts create your reality. Is that true?

It is a widely accepted belief among followers of the spiritual path that your thoughts create your reality. It is also known as the law of attraction. But is that theory actually correct? I would like to add some caveats…

Yes, you do create your own reality to a large extent through your thoughts, especially if they come from strong beliefs. But to claim too straightforwardly that your thoughts and beliefs always come true would mean, for one thing, that people who are very anxious and always fear the worst, would constantly have the most terrible things happen to them. In reality, in most cases this is not the case.

Fortunately, the disasters that these people always see before them when they are grinding in their bed, only rarely become reality. And a hypochondriac who always thinks that the smallest physical ache must be the start of a serious illness will generally not be sick all that much more often than someone else.

This also applies in a positive sense. For example, I have personally experienced that most of the things in my life that I am really very happy about have happened to me without any prior thought that it would even be possible that these beautiful experiences would happen to me. While at times when I really really wanted something and concentrated strongly on it, things often turned out very differently than I had thought and it often led to disappointment.

The law of attraction may work, but it’s not the whole story (I think).

The Law of Attraction and the Soul Plan

If you start from the soul plan , crucial events and meetings with people are largely planned in advance. Although there is a great deal of freedom in the elaboration of your soul plan, your life partner(s), your career and the houses in which you will live are usually included in your life plan and it is intended that you put them on your path. you will encounter, at the right time in your life.

I think it is therefore not surprising that when you broadcast that you want a certain partner or visualize your ideal job or place to live, it seems that you have created it the moment your wishes come true.

You have in fact made contact with the unconscious knowledge of your life plan that you may not have as a person, but of course your soul does. That’s why it only works if your wishes are in accordance with your soul plan.

Your guides will make sure that your wish comes to mind at the right time and your strong thoughts and feelings will certainly help to enable your guides to create it for you at that moment. They use their enormous capacity to influence situations and people in such a way that the desired result becomes reality.

Of course, it could also be that you desperately long for something you never get, because something else is meant for you. Then you can try to create what you want, but it doesn’t work. You can become very unhappy and think that you are not trying hard enough with your positive affirmations. Why don’t those beautiful stories about what you can create if you focus strongly enough on your wish not apply to you?

As long as you are still under the spell of your ego, it is very difficult to distinguish between the needs of the soul and those of the ego. The danger is therefore great that you wish for something that does not contribute to your growth and does not fit into your soul plan. The more you wish for something, the more you can go in the wrong direction, because then you leave no room for alternatives.

It is best to relax as much as possible and surrender to your inner guidance that knows what is meant for you. It’s good to pay attention to your deeply felt desires and daydream about them, but don’t do it too fanatically, let it go and accept whatever comes your way, even if it’s not what you had in mind.

Often, especially in retrospect, it is much nicer than what you could have imagined and sometimes it is something you are not happy with, but which ultimately helps you further. That divorce or dismissal can be a ‘blessing in disguise’, a happy accident, the value of which you only discover later.

Healing through intentions

‘I’m sure’

An example of the danger of fanatically wishing for something that is not the intention is the story of a young woman who comes to me for a consultation. She has the feeling that she is in good contact with her inner guidance, but now she doesn’t know anymore. She gets stuck on an internship that she has to follow as part of her education and where something always goes wrong. She does not get the place she has set her mind on or the internship does not go well.

She gets more and more troubled by performance anxiety, but stubbornly insists that she knows that this direction, working with young children, is the right one for her. There is no other way, she feels it very strongly.

She also keeps getting directions in that direction.This is what she has to do and her willpower and perseverance are enormous. I ask her to try and explore other options as well, because it seems there is too much opposition.

I try to show her that by relying so firmly on what she sees as the right direction, she blocks other possibilities and therefore cannot see opportunities that come her way. They drop out because they don’t fit what she wanted.

It takes a long time before she can let go of her ideas. She seeks help from a psychotherapist and finds out that she can work much better with demented elderly people than with small children.

Now that she knows, everything runs smoothly.She immediately finds a place where she can fully come into her own, which increases her self-confidence enormously. In this way she discovers that she can relax and surrender more to the guidance of her guides,


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