Your Tree Constellation – According to Celtic Druid Astrology


According to Celtic astrology, a calendar year consists of 13 parts. Because of this, the Zodiac, as we know it in the West, works slightly differently according to the Celts.

The Celtic tree astrology system is very different from the Western zodiac signs that we usually write about. This type of astrology was created by Druids , members of the prominent professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. It seems that Celtic tree astrology was designed through the natural connection Druids had with the cycles of the earth and the sacred knowledge that trees would remember.

The Druids believed that trees had spirits, as well as vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom. In Celtic astrology, trees in their entirety symbolize life, death and renewal. The Druids gave meanings to different tree species according to their characteristics, which she noticed corresponded to characteristics of children based on their date of birth.

In Celtic astrology, the calendar year is broken up into 13 parts (or months). Each month is associated with a different tree. Whether you believe in this ancient knowledge or not, here are the 13 tree signs as described in Celtic astrology!

Berk: “the achiever”

Dec 24 – Jan 20

Because this is a time of infinite darkness with little sunlight, the druids felt that birch babies should always stretch in search of light. If you are a birch baby, you are very driven, motivating and ambitious. Birch people are tough, unruly, natural rulers and leaders, charming and crowd favorites.

Rowan: “the thinker”

January 21 – February 17

According to the Druids, rowan berries are known for their philosophical, visionary minds and their creativity, originality, detachment and inner passion and motivation. Rowan babies have a calm appearance, as they keep these passions to themselves, and are often aloof during conversations. Their presence can change the energy in situations, as their quieter gait can be very influential because it is so rare. They often dislike constraints and conformation because they are true ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers.

Es: “the enchanter”

February 18 – March 17

As the title says, Celtic tree astrology describes the ash as free thinkers, enchanting, imaginative, intuitive, artistic and “seeing the world in color”. They can be a bit moody, but get very inspired by nature and enjoy art, literature, science and spirituality. Some see the ash as withdrawn and introverted, but really they just love the world they have made for themselves! They are good at balancing their artistic and intellectual sides, which makes them both idealistic and realistic.

Els: “the pioneer”

March 18 – April 14

According to the Druids, alders could easily find their true path and were not afraid to follow it. They pioneer with a passion, and in doing so often get a following and supporters. They are charming and easy to talk to, the kind of people who seem to get along with everyone. Alders often have a lot of self-confidence, are focused, self-assured and not superficial. Alders don’t like to waste time because they are brave, competitive and wonderful parents and entrepreneurs.

Willow: “the observer”

Apr 15 – May 12

According to Celtic astrology, willows are closely related to the moon and are highly creative, intuitive, intelligent, realistic and patient. According to the druids, willows were often highly gifted psychologically and had a good understanding of cycles and seasons. They like to gain more knowledge and have an excellent memory. Their worst enemy is themselves, because their fears hold them back. family Apparently is very important to them and they would make good teachers.

Hawthorn: “The Illusionist”

May 13 – June 9

Hawthorns are normally very different on the inside from what is generally assumed of them, and thus the real representatives of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. They are passionate, creative, curious, good listeners, insightful, funny and very good at seeing the big picture, but you may never get to know them for who they really are. They are good at performing, especially in front of groups, which gives them their ‘illusionist’ title.

Oak: ‘the stabilizer’

June 10 – July 7

Oaks tend to be strong, protective, nourishing, generous, helpful, confident, and optimistic that “everything will be fine.” Oaks love to learn about history and provenance because they have a lot of respect for it. That’s why they are often good teachers. Oaks apparently like structure and the sense of control, especially when it comes to their own lives. They love having large families and being a part of their community.

Hulst: “the ruler”

July 8 – August 4

For the druids, holly were noble, natural leaders and people of power who like a challenge. Holly faces all obstacles and fulfills every task as they are committed to achieving their goals. They are competitive, ambitious, confident, but also generous, kind and loving. Things come to them fairly easily, which often gives them an interest in science and makes them naturally gifted. They can be perfectionists and have no problem taking on a supporting role rather than a leadership one.

Hazel: “the connoisseur”

August 5 – September 1
In Celtic astrology, hazel trees are generally intelligent, organized, efficient, academic and, having an excellent memory, very adept at enumerating and remembering information. They like to be informed and sometimes seem like ‘know-how’. They are detail oriented, which can even become somewhat obsessive/compulsive. They love everything with numbers, science and analysis and they follow the rules. They are fantastic planners and organizers!

Vine: “the equalizer”

September 2 – September 29
Given the changing seasons, the Druids believed that the personality of the vines is as fluid and changeable as the seasons. They can be unpredictable, self-contradictory, and also indecisive. But this has its advantages, because it makes it easy for them to see both sides of a story and they don’t like to take sides, which makes them very empathetic. Although their moods can vary greatly, they are also charming, elegant and, despite their fluidity, often have a distinctive taste and love sophistication. If you’re a vine, you may like the “finer things” like food, wine, music, and art.

Ivy: “the survivor”

September 30 – October 27
Ivy is typically compassionate, loyal, giving, helping, spiritual, soft-spoken, and charismatic. They can hold their own in social situations. Because they are born under the ‘waning sun’, the Druids believed that life could become more difficult for them, which many ivy may see as unfair. But this zodiac sign can often overcome obstacles very gracefully, as they have a steady supply of energy.

Reed: “The Interrogator”

October 28 – November 24
According to Celtic astrology, Reeds are very good at keeping secrets, but also love to discover secrets because they are true seekers of truth. Reed will always dig to the heart of the matter and love a good story, so they are drawn to gossip, scandal, legends and conspiracies. This also already makes excellent journalists, detectives, etc. Reed people love people because they represent the mysteries they can reveal. Already can be a bit manipulative, but are generally harmless in their actions. They have a strong sense of truth and honor and can be jealous.

Elder: “the seeker”

November 25 – December 23
Elsewhere there are often free spirits and thrill seekers. Because elderberries are born when the light is “very fleeting,” druids believed that elderberries had the same approach to life: they often live with their shoes in the starting locks. Elsewhere may seem outgoing, but they are actually withdrawn, thoughtful and philosophical. Elsewhere are often helpful, honest and outspoken, with a tendency to assume that they are always right, due to their intellectual nature.


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